Glamour To Its Finest

imageWhile my friend and I were out today looking for outfits to wear at this years Pride Parade we went into this one clothing store it’s called Melanie Lyne. I have a slight problem with evening wear lol. Any who I saw this gem of a dress. It’s blush coloured lace number so freaking pretty. Mermaid style evening gown. Was so pretty and a size 10 it was a touch lose in spots but over all gorgeous dress. I fell in love and wish it was in a smaller size. Where would I have worn it probably the super market lmao. Honestly no idea but I had to take a photo of me in it because it’s just such a classy dress. Went right down to the floor and I was surprised it fit my tall frame. I really had like a wow moment.

Of course I took it off and put it back. But I was almost heart broken because it is so pretty. I think in a past life I was some kind of royalty because I have such expensive taste and I love nice things. Champagne taste with beer bottle pockets ugh lol. Though I do have to say I have bought some great pieces as of lately that I have spent very little on but have accessorized and made them look more expensive then the are. So that I am great for. P.S. I’m wearing Stevie by Amore in chocolate frost.

Are you like me? Love nice things but don’t have a clue where you would wear it lol. Ever wear a gown just because it was pretty lol.


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5 thoughts on “Glamour To Its Finest

  1. I LOVE ball gowns, tutus, you name it…and yet every time I leave the house I wear jeans. That’s part of the reason I do the pictures, so I get to wear some of this stuff!

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