My New Do / Grey ish looking colour

imageAfter my experience with Color Oops. I went to my hair salon this morning. I was lucky that I did not need a full Color correction. But I did have a full head of high lights done as well a cut. When I went I wore my May wig by Noriko in Butter Pecan R. I’m in love with the cut , colour that I basically got it done to my hair. I’m madly in love with the cut but the color looks grey. Here is May on the far left.


And here is my hair the cut turned out amazing. I’m very happy with it but the color not so much. The color needs revamping.


I got the girl to take some photos of my hair from all angles. It really is very similar to the cut of May. I just need my sides to get longer. And sure I still want my hair long but and till then I can rock a long wig for instant length. I can also wear May on the off days of not washing my hair I can rock May and people will think it’s my hair.


In fact when I went in this morning. The owner of the salon looks at me and says “well what’s wrong your hair looks fine”. To then I replied “I’m wearing a wig”. She laughed. I thought wow even a hair stylist that’s been in the business can’t even tell. Now I hope it stays as straight as this by tomorrow lol.



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