Ottawa Capital Pride Parade

Yesterday was Ottawas Capital Pride Parade. And this year I not only went to it but I also rode a float. It was the Gender Mosaics. It’s the longest running trans group that has been in Ottawa. It was also the first float of the parade. I was riding it with a few people I knew.

I took a few photos before the parade started I was standing in it facing everyone else. There was a path of where to started and where it ended. I’m super happy I wore comfortable shoes. My feet where not killing me like they would if I had worn other shoes.


image image image

image image

It was busy there were tons of people and I had a fabulous time I also looked fabulous too I might add. Saturday I got my hair done and am so happy it turned out amazing I managed to sleep on it and wake up with it still looking almost-perfect that all I had to do was run my flat-iron over some parts and spray it with more hair spray. My makeup was on point and looked amazing. I layered on the mascara used brow-filler, very pretty pinks eye shadow and as one of my friends said my makeup was on point. Tho my one friend that was on the float hers was melting off but mine was not. Might of had something to do with my Revlon 24 hour wear foundation lol.

Some did come off but not much, I just blotted my face with tissue. And bam I was good to go. My outfit I’m calling causal chic, the causal part was my Nike memory foam flip-flops they were white with very light like green-blue bottoms. My outfit was a one piece white jumper with pockets. I had big white beaded earrings and pearls, and a bracelet and a diamond ring. And to keep the sun out of my face and off my head. I also rocked a bright pink sun hat.


The one piece jump suit went half way down my calves. You can’t see that but it does. I also did not have to rock a bra which I was happy about because the front of the jumper has boning in the V part. I have to say though I was happy t take it off when I got home because it did not breath. But it looked amazing and I felt great wearing it and yes it even had pockets which I loved. I had to take photos before leaving my house. Of course haha.

image image image

Later the parade was over I met up with a new friend as well some old friendly faces. Went to dinner with my new friend that was awesome. We went to one of my favourite places to eat. Had a few beers at a gay bar lol and then came home. I was home by around 7:30pm but left the house at like 11am and was up around 7am yesterday. By the time I got home I changed got Diva dressed took her out for a good 30 minutes and then got back washed my layers of makeup off got into comfy clothes and chilled out, went to bed at like 11pm. And today slept in till 8am which was awesome I do have to say.

Over all I had a very busy but fun weekend.

Talk soon

Over & Out


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