Love Your Hair Wednesday

imageSo this morning I wrote a post about hating my hair which you can check out here. I was really not happy after the fact and really disliked the colour. I had watched a ton of videos on YouTube of John Frieda’s hair colour foam. But as my mother and friend Alexia pointed out call the salon so they can fix it.

So I called and told the owner I hated the colour she then passed me onto the girl who did it for me and we discussed it. She asked if I could go in and she would fix it for me. Now I’m loving the colour. It’s more golden and looks more cohesive to Mays Butter Pecan and she left my roots normal too though did put a semi permanent on it as a toner. In fact I’m in love with my hair more so now then Saturday. Also I was not charged a dime for this colour fix thankfully. She did put a few more high lights and it just looks much better now.

imageShe also agrees with me in the colour before it was to Ashy and that I look better with gold tones which I agree. She gave me a few tips on when I go to dry my hair to enhance my curl. So now it’s love your hair Wednesday. Unfortunately she is moving to Toronto this coming weekend. But my normal hair stylist is at the salon so that’s good. But I’ve talked more with this other girl I feel connected ah well hopefully she will relay what she’s done to my stylist so she knows what to do when things need to be kept up down the road.

I’m very glad I did not go to the drug store to try to fix things my self. Now it’s amazing and I’m a blonde and yea.

Over & Out

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