How Unprofessional


When a hair salon is in the wrong and they blame you. Last night I was contacted by the owner of the beauty salon on Facebook. She basically told me the what for. Yesterday when I was there I mainly talked to the girl who did my hair on Saturday, she was able to fix my hair but since I was there for a few hours we talked the conversation flowed easily. We talked about many different things and I had spoken about that I’m a blogger I also spoke about it Saturday the one thing I did not do was mention my blog address, however she did ask me if I blogged on WordPress which I said I did but again never said the address to here. I never thought anything of it because I never once bad mouthed the salon or the stylists or the owner for that matter just that I hated the colour and wanted to get it fixed. I never once said I hated the hair cut or bad mouthed the salon.

The owner decided to message me on Facebook and for simple reasons I’m covering my ass as I have changed some words such as names and what not.

Hair Salon

Hi Lana, I was just reading your blogs, I am happy so far that today you actually like your hair, however, you also did a few days ago, after your mishap with Colour Oops. I was just doing the cost to us after paying said (Stylist), and we actually lost money doing your hair to your satisfaction. Not sure how I might expect you to reply to this.

My response

I love my hair more now, it looks just like the wig I brought in. Which is what I originally wanted from the start. I never paid for it to look the way it did on Saturday. I also recommend (Hair Salon) to friends.

Hair Salon

It is my will to make sure ALL clients are completely satisfied, however between your want for extensions where we called in a specialist in on their time and re doing your colour to which we felt it was acceptable considering what we had to work with in a home job, over 7 hours of not only staff time but also Hair extension specialist time is over the top. I, either lost the blog posts about that, but at the staff and trainers time, I will not entertain any further business with you as it seems to be fuel for your blog posts. I don`t mean to sound harsh, but your expectations are more than our profession can afford. If Youtube is your source of info on said matters, maybe you should do it yourself. I had a few clients in when you were in today and they both commented on the non professional conversations that were engaged while they trusted in our time and combined have been returning clients for over 30 yrs. Enough said. When it comes to clients losing us money and for hours questioning our professionalism, your business is only valued on how much you see our value. All the best, will be watching your posts

My response

First and for most the hair extensions was only a consultation nothing more. Secondly my blog post never once said anything bad about the salon just that I was unhappy with my hair. I never once questioned the experience of (Stylist). Further more what was done to my hair today should have been what I asked for Saturday it was not, I asked for my hair to look like the wig it was not and so it should have been fixed for the amount of money I spent. The fact your using my blog against me is like I’ve done something wrong when it fact I have not. All the best to you. Though your last thought is truly rude uncalled for and so very very wrong. Be well).

As one of my friends said to me how unprofessional. I could see if I spoke badly about the salon or the stylists or hell even the owner but I think she went a touch to far. Also the consultation for the hair extensions was nothing more then just that. And those are free as I had gone to a few salons to find out more information. Then to throw my blog in my face like we will be watching just in case you bad mouth the salon and say bad things about our name first and for most I’m a little smarter than you may think why would I name names. Is that a threat your going to try to sue me seriously lady grow up. What are you 14 like who does that? So unprofessional. I could totally understand if I was a huge bitch to the stylist and was super rude when I was there but I was polite, kind, very nice. No attitude and never once spoke badly about the salon or anyone there in my last three blog posts about my hair.

Also I should mention I also never wrote any bad reviews on any websites such as Yelp or Google Or heck even their Facebook page. So she should not be so harsh in sending me that message on Facebook. And because I plan to move on from this I have no plans to write bad reviews on such sites about said salon or said owner. Though if anyone wants to know which salon this is so they know to never go there I’d be more than happy to tell you in a personal email. But then I don’t know if I care to stoop to her said salon owner level. It’s called karma and karma always bites you back. So we will leave it at that.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “How Unprofessional

  1. Wow, I’m so surprised to hear and read of such a negative hair salon experience. We all have to remain professional with clients and potential clients. It’s so unfortunate that you had this kind of experience. I know, Diverse salon in Campbell, Ca. has always been respectful and professional. As it should be.

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