Some odds & ends

So I have not had any more messages from the lovely owner at my now no more hair salon which is good. No rude nasty messages pertaining my blog either which is good. Not that she would have but everyone who has read my Facebook was not impressed with what she had said to me. Any who moving on the weather has decided to get warm again so I’m happy my a/c unit is still working fabulously. Went and saw my shrink last week that went well though the session was more or less a repeat of what I have been blogging lately. My next appointment is not till the 24th of next month.

Hmm what else my home services have been lowered but because they were either stopped or lowered the middle of the month I won’t be saving as much money as I hoped, this up coming billing cycle but I did call and found out that the following cycle will be much more lowered so I’m happy about that. Oh turns out my buzzer still works even though the phone line has been canceled but I think that’s because my internet runs through it or something who knows.

Since getting my hair re done last week my hair looks more blonde like how I wanted it which Im happy for. Also I’ve noticed my hair is not really all that curly anymore I think maybe the bleach from the many high lights I had sorta relaxed the crap out of them. I’m not really sure but my hair feels like hair again after using my horse conditioner from my Mane & Tail. I might also try coconut oil too on my bang area but right now there fine. As in not as dry feeling. Though they are frizzy lol.

I took some new photos this afternoon and used Pixlr to edit them. They have Pixlr for iPad as well iPhone and I am loving it as of lately. Just makes your photos look a little more polished. Also I wanted to update my dating ad on Okcupid. I like to keep my photos fresh and updated. I’m a little OCD about that. But that’s alright hehe.

I have gotten a few messages here and there from OKC but I’m no longer obsessing over online dating like I once did. If I meet someone great if I don’t it’s not the end of my world. In fact when I was talking to a friend on the phone waiting to see my shrink last week. I was a few blocks away from his office and while I  talking on the phone this guy walks by I’m guessing with a co-worker and we locked eyes and smiled and flirted why he was standing at the lights and though he was talking to his co-worker his eyes never left mine it was so intense and then he crossed the street and that was that. I hope to lock eyes with him again though cause he was FINE hehe.

Hmm my garden is meh alright. I was able to pull some baby carrots out of it as well some spinach which I steamed and it tasted very good. The wild flowers are growing nicely but I’ve already decided if I’m still living in is building next spring I won’t be doing the garden again. It’s not my cup of tea. I’m not a die-hard gardner. And I pretty much water it if I remember too. If it rains I do t water it like some people do. And if anything I think I’d try to do something inside type thing and even then that’s pushing it.

Um Diva is doing well my friend who lives in the building bought Diva some dog cookies like the ones she has been snacking on, her and Diva are friends and Diva really likes her. It’s great that I have a friend here. Also because I left Diva alone for so long on Sunday she’s decided to stress lick her one paw. Though I have been nipping it in the butt so she stops. She does not do it all the time thankfully and from what I read it can be brought on by stress. And last Sunday I was gone for about 8 hours which she’s not used to and typically when she has been left alone for that amount of time she was at my parents with the other dogs she she was not alone. I’m not worried about it because she has pretty much stopped. But that’s the latest with her. Other wise she’s fine and healthy.

Well that’s all for now.

Hope all is well

Over & Out


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