Bye bye frizz

I washed my hair and then decided to blow dry it. Well it went all frizzy on me so I decided to run a little hair oil through it. Then I decided to put some coconut oil over that and run my flatiron over it quickly. I devided my hair up into sections so I could do small areas at a time and I have to say cya later frizz. I’m hoping by tomorrow morning my hair will look just as good. But if not that’s fine but I found my new favourite method in getting the frizz out. I’m hoping the coconut oil makes the frizz parts smoother.

I even bumped my bangs with the flatiron which also turned out great. I have read some different things on using coconut oil then using a flatiron some people had luck and others Im guessing left the iron on to long and then fried their hair. Obviously you don’t want to do that. I think it turned out pretty darn good. For an evening hair look before bed haha.







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