Dating & STDs or STIs

So I write a lot about online dating and how I’ve gone on some dates and all that good stuff but I know that not all of my readers are older and in fact some are younger in age. I want to make it very clear that if you are old enough to use online dating and you down load these dating apps that you should be old enough to go out and buy your own condoms and practise safe sex always. And don’t rely on other  people to have condoms with them if you are sexually active.

I don’t believe in having sex on the first few dates and typically if you do, you most likely won’t be seeing that person again. From my past experiences that is what I have found. Also just because people say they are clean does not mean that they are. I get tested regularly and have a full check of tests done. And because I go many months between people I have dated or have sex with its enough time for a good test to come back with good results. Also I really hate casual sex and or one night stands and though I hate having them I have had my moments just as anyone has. But I always practise safe sex.

I also have ocd and I’m a touch paranoid and so I make sure to get tested every few months even if I’m not sexually active or dating anyone. I guess it’s because I have known past friends who have caught HIV from wrong choices they had made. And I want to be around for a while and think of my body as a temple. The last thing I want is to catch something from someone.

Also if people say it feels better without a condom let me just make a point as honest as I can, it feels the same. So you can tell them if they say they don’t want to use one to tell them where to go. No glove no love hunny. They make condoms so thin now it feels good for both parties involved. Please be safe and always make sure to have your own condoms. No glove no love.



One Stop Shop

Since being on Tinder I have come across many people I have seen from other apps/sites. Some I’ve met in person. Some I have just seen on those sites and I have come to relies everyone is out looking for something but I do have to say, so far Tinder by far has the hottest members by far. Also I’m finding I am more attracted to the younger guys that look a little older as in 25 and up. The song I posted before it’s by Tove Lo called Like Em Young. Is totally me it’s funny but I love that song and am finding guys who are younger than me are like super hot and maybe that’s why they contact me more so then older men.

I’ve also noticed there is way more taller muscled yummy tattooed men on there that I’m drooling over. It’s like being a kid in a candy shop all the gorgeous men, heck even some of the shorter men are gorgeous and muscled and tatted. All I know is I’m in heaven haha. Now if I can just land a date with one of them I’ll be set haha.

What is funny is seeing people on there that I have already met and it going no where. It’s like dislike and bam I never have to see them again which I also really like. I also saw Mr Conversationlist on there and quickly disliked him. I think I’ll stick to staying on Tinder for awhile and see what comes about. Who knows what can happen.

Happy Dating

Over & Out

Doing a workout improves your mood

It’s been ages since I touched my Seven app. It’s also been ages since I’ve done any form of a workout besides my walking Diva daily. Now that my cooking skills have improved and my weight is pretty much staying between a few pounds give or take I’ve been wanting to use my Seven app.

I did lose a lot of my weight from using this app but now that I’m at my ideal weight I also feel that it’s time to start using it again just not as much as before. I’ve decided to do it at least twice a week. Monday’s and Friday’s. And will only do the full body workouts so my whole body is getting done.

I just did a workout and I have to say my mood has lifted. Not that my mood was down but I feel good for doing it. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. About getting back to it but not for the weight loss part just staying in shape.

I do love walking Diva but the feeling I get after doing a workout is not the same as walking her. I feel more I dunno confident better about my self it’s strange but anyone who works out knows what I’m talking about. It improves my happy hormones lol I guess you could say.

I never started my journey of weight loss and getting this body to just get it and then slack off. And it’s not like I’ve really slacked off because I do walk Diva at least twice a day for a good amount of time. And sometimes I do take the stairs down. But I did stop using my workout app for almost two months. Not that I gained weight but now I think it’s time I start doing it at least twice a week. Plus colder weather will be upon us soon enough and baby when it’s cold outside I’ll be inside keeping my body in shape.

It’s great because I’ll be keeping this body in tiptop shape all through the winter months. While others get pudgy and bent out of shape hehe. Though I think winter time is good to stay in shape that way when next summer hits I’ll be once again ready for it.

Anywho happy workouts everyone

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Mr PayPal



So I thought I would write about this because quite honestly I find it amusing, a little sad and a touch  pathetic. Get comfy and grab your fav cocktail or hot bevy. So Mr PayPal I had met from Okcupid earlier this past summer. Every once in a while I would get messages from guys who live outside of Canada. He was no exception. He was a good-looking fit guy from Las Vegas. A pilot so he told me.

One of the messages he had sent me on there was if he could send me a gift. Totally random out of no where then asked if I had PayPal. By my surprise I had said I did and then he asked what the email was to it. I know PayPal is safe and secure and so I gave it to him and with in a matter of a few seconds there was money sitting in my account.

I was surprised and did not know really how to feel. It’s not every day guys send me gifts of money just because. He told me I was just so beautiful and a goddess. By pass a few months and more gifts of money. I was feeling a little strange accepting money from this guy. He never once asked for nude photos or even a piece of clothing like you would think. But the conversation was always about some sexual fantasy he had. Which annoyed me because it was like for the amount of money you’re sending me you could have used on getting a real life person lmao.

Anywho I did end things with Mr PayPal and told him he might want to see a therapist. And the gifts of money he sent my way went to paying off credit. It’s to bad he was such a perv too because I’m sure he would have made a good boyfriend to someone.

When it seems to good to be true it usually is. Oh and if anyone ever wants to send you a gift of money make sure it’s through PayPal lol. That way you know it’s legit lmao.

Over & Out

Mr Conversationalist Part 2

Well so much for a second date. Mr Conversationalist oh I thought he was a nice guy is now in the shit pile with everyone else (smirk). After our meeting we had a few short text messages over a few days. Mainly that he was so tired to talk and wishing me a good night sleep. Thursday I had asked if he would let me know about Saturday nights plans his response was he would let me know Friday.

Friday came and I got no text from him. I did not send him one because he had told me Thursday evening that he would let me know And so I called him at 9:19pm and left a voice mail asking him to call me to let me know about Saturday evening.

Saturday came and no text message not a call to say sorry change of plans. Nothing!.

I thought texting was like the simple way to let people know that people are busy or whatever. The least he could have done was that. Or if he had lost interest to send over a text and simple say sorry just not feeling it and that would have been fine. But the fact he could not even do that pissed me off just a smidge. Like forget abuut respect. Also I find more often then not Leo’s tend to do this. Not sure why but they are the worst guys for me.

So there you have it. Mr Conversationlist is not a nice guy but in fact an ass. Another one bites the dust and you dust off your shoulders and move on. And what slays me is when you talk to these guys about how guys can be such dicks and they agree with you and then turn out to be just that a dick.

Such is life. You move on and hope to meet someone amazing.

Happy Dating LMAO

Over & Out

Move Over Okcupid


Lately I’ve been bored out of my mind with Okcupid. Nobody is really cute on that app/site. Nobody that’s my type at least and so I went searching on the iTunes App Store to find something bright new and shiny. Okay so Tinder is not new and has been in fact around for awhile also it’s not new to me because I had joined earlier in the year but left the same day I had joined. But what is new to me is the second app I downloaded to use with Tinder which is Matches and it’s to be used with Tinder.

How this little gem works makes using Tinder a whole lot better. Okay so if you are not aware tinder works by swiping left for dislike and right to like someone. If both people match up then you can talk to each other. But with Matches you can mass dislike people at once just by pressing a button.

How it works is you have a grid. There can be any number of photos in the grid from 30 to 40 and so on. You click on the photo of the guy/girl that you might want to see more of with in the grid.

Then you click like or dislike or if you like them then that person disappears and shows up in the Tinder app. Once you have liked the people. You then go to the bottom of the grid and click see more which will remove all the people you dislike and bring up a new batch of people.


It’s making using Tinder way more fun in my opinion. Also I have disabled my account over on Okcupid for right now. I may at some point go back to Okcupid but as it stands right now it’s not worth it in my opinion. We shall see how long I stay with Tinder. I have hope that I’ll meet a nice guy.

So there you have it. I hope if you are thinking of using Tinder to download the second app to use it. And if you are using it what are your thoughts?

Happy Dating

Over & Out


Staying Old School


So the latest models of the new iPhone are now out. I looked to see what models were available and it turns out Apple has scrapped their iPhone 5C which I’m not all that surprised. You can now only get from Apple the 5S 6 6plus and 6S and 6S Plus.

So you’re wondering about the title Staying Old School well I still have the phone I upgraded from my Samsung from 2013 it’s non other than the very oldish iPhone 4S. I have to say since upgrading to the new iOS 9. My phone runs pretty good. Battery is like mint does not die as quick ly and the camera still takes pretty decent photos though I do take more of my selfies on my iPad if at home. Other wise the ones it take are pretty good as far as I concerned.

My plan is to upgrade at some point to the iPhone 5S. But not just yet. My cell is working great and does what I need it to do. For what I use my phone for it works perfectly well and I feel no need to spent $100 bucks even with a two-year contract on a prettier upgraded iPhone and till my current phone decides to say oh I dunno stop working.

And hey if I hold out and till next fall you know Apple will just come out with a new phone by then and will most likely be called iPhone 7. Because every year the number will go up and soon you will see iPhone 2020 and it will be so big you will need a backpack to carry it around lmao. By next year the iPhone 5S won’t be around to purchase because by then the 7 will be around and you will only then be one to get the 6 as the older model.

Any who there is nothing wrong with my phone and an till it needs to be upgraded I’m gonna use it. If your an iPhone lover. What do you think about the new best shiny phones? Will you be upgrading to a new device? And what are your thoughts on the new upgrades if you do own a newer model?

Over & Out

An issue with elections Canada

Since having my name legally changed over 12 years ago once again I got a voter card in the mail with my very much old name on the card. Last year I had got a voter card with the old name on it. So I re registered and I thought all was fixed and changed. But that was not the case. So today after getting this card in the mail I first ripped the card up then went onto the website to try to get things fixed.

I spoke to three people. The first person was some what helpful she filed a complaint on my behalf. Then she transferred me to someone higher up. The second person I told her what had happened even said I re registered last year when I had got the wrong card. Then the second person told me to update my mailing address which I did online but again told them the old name needs to be removed. That person then gave me a number to call to get it fixed.

The third person I spoke to was so helpful. Had asked what the old name was so I spelled it out. Because I was not saying it lol. Then told him what my name is now and he removed the old name from the system. I also asked moving forward if I move again this won’t happen correct like I’m not going to get some voter card with the old name am I? He assured me that would not happen and even told me a second time that it was gone so if I went to look it up it won’t show. I did say to all three people I spoke to that I was a trans female and have legally changed my birth name to what it is now so for this old name to show up on these cards is most annoying.

I’m pleased that after some talking and being moved to the right people things were changed. But going forward other people might want to be aware if you’re getting a voter card with an old name on it when you have in fact had your name legally changed to call 1-866-275-1775 and make sure the information in file is correct.

I thought I was rid of that old name and till it was facing me in my mail box. Also it really pissed me off that they kept telling me to go in person to get it fixed. It’s like it’s your job people to fix this since its your fuck up not mine. Anywho all is fixed and I did double check online to make sure that name does not exist. Which I’m pleased to say it does not yay.

Also I would have thought by re registering last year that the old name would be gone. So Elections Canada if you read this post do every Trans person a huge favour and when they re register remove the old name on file thanks a bunch.

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