Before I was living in my apartment building like really living here I was told about this woman. I was told to watch my back and don’t mess with this one woman because she was a bully as well everyone in the building dislikes her. Well I know why they dislike her because she’s not just a Debbie Downer but she’s cranky, bitchy, and needs a good freaking bra to lift those damn things. Lord if you saw what I was talking about you would know. Any-who the other day I was out by the garden with my friend and my pooch and I thought I would rely a message to this woman about the garden meeting coming up later in September. Yup this woman is apart of the community garden. Most times I have seen this lady and she has some what been alright with me had given me a compliment on a dress I wore and what not but this day she saw the side of me I don’t show very often. Also she typically will bitch about something which can get on your last nerve.

So I went on to tell this woman about the up coming garden meeting to which she went off and started to bitch. Her tone I did not appreciate and so I barked back the same tone she gave forth to me. Well her tone quickly changed and then was polite. Since then one of her friends who I had been social with has now decided to give me the cold shoulder. Won’t say hello to me and honestly I don’t give a rats ass. Sorry but I don’t let people bark at me for no reason and I sure as hell won’t let the building bully bully me. I’ll bite bigger then you can handle. I don’t put up with people’s BS. There are three people in my building that I like and she’s not one of them. There are of course the others I am polite too. But would never invite them into my home. There is so much bs that I hear about, that I’m glad I don’t participate in. I keep to my self and do my own thing and I’m glad I’m not apart of any of it.

I was told when I moved into the building to do what I have been doing. Keep to your self. That way there is less bs to deal with. So that’s what I have been doing. I was told who to befriend and who to stay away from or to watch out for. And the bully was one of them. I won’t be continuing with the community garden next year if I’m still living in this building. Any-who I stood up for my self and glad I did. Don’t mess with me period.

Over & Out


5 thoughts on “Bullies

  1. Sounds like my job and the people I have to work with…after trying to reach out to people and be a part of a team, I’m back to hiding away from all of them and sticking to myself. The people here are ridiculous jerks. I can’t stand most of them at all.

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