A Day In The Life Of Me


From Start To Finish

Wake up anywhere from 7am to 8am only 8 if I slept in. Turn on the radio and listen to the morning show and turn on my iPhone it sits on my docking system with the built-in radio. Say good morning to Miss Diva then hop out of bed, get my outfit and undergarments ready. Walk over to the dresser, blow my nose and then use my nasal spray for allergies. Then take my vitamins and probiotic. Then head to the bathroom use it and then brush my teeth, get my towel ready for when I step out of the shower.

After my shower I put lotion on and my undergarments. And then face cream of some sort. Then head to the bedroom put on my clothes. Then take my two mones aka hormones. From there I get my iPhone ready to listen to music before getting Diva ready for our morning walk. I drink the rest of my water that I keep for the morning vitamins about two cups worth. Oh and also put on lip balm.

Then I put on Divas t-shirt and harness and collar, grab my keys and lock up but not without making sure it’s locked. Head to the elevators and head down to go out side. We will typically walk for about five songs worth or so which is roughly about 20 – 25 minute walk.

Diva does her business and then we walk back by that time I’m getting hungry. So we take her clothes off. Head to the kitchen and I start preparing breakfast, I brush her teeth then get her food ready, she gets a morning treat. Then I put my coffee maker on, get my cereal in a bowl and a yogurt from the fridge. Though I will change it up and sometimes do a bagel with an egg or a bagel with peanut butter jam and honey, or waffles like I had earlier this week. But my typical go to is cereal with yogurt.

I also love my Keurig coffee maker and will have a cup of coffee in the morning. I then put on the tv while getting everything ready and if I’m back in time catch the last bit of Canada Am morning show. Other wise Live With Kelly & Michael will be on at 9am. To which then I’ll eat my breakfast and then check my emails,Facebook, Okcupid & Word Press.

From there I’ll watch tv till the afternoon news. I also watch The Marilyn Show at 10am then The View at 11am and at 12noon the news. Depending on the day if I don’t have a doctors appointment and don’t get together with my friend that lives in my building. I’ll ether do yoga, or take diva for a long afternoon walk depending on the weather if it’s not to hot out. From there I’ll ether blog, or read a little, cook a big batch of food if in the mood or bake as I did yesterday waiting on people to install a heating box checker. I made from scratch my new favourite Pecan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.

On Fridays I clean my apartment in the morning which takes about an hour. And today I’m sick with a cold so this morning I did everything I do in the mornings but I went out to get day/night quill, as well a few things at the dollar store that I needed and more dry senior dog food from Pet Smart. Then came home cleaned the apartment and had a sandwich for lunch.

For lunch I eat whatever I’m in the mood for.

On a typical evening depending on my mood I’ll reheat dinner or cook it. From there check emails or watch one of my many shows I have pvrd or maybe a movie I had pvrd that was on earlier in the week. Or a show that’s on that night. And then let diva out one last time around 8:30pm. Then at around 9 get ready for bed wash the face, floss and brush my teeth and then finish watching tv and head to bed anywhere from 10pm to 11pm depending on how tired I am.

Each day is pretty much the same unless I have something planned in the afternoon whether it be doctors appointments or I get out or plans with friends to do something. Other wise it’s pretty much the same everyday. But I’m content with my life at the moment. Can’t really complain. Sure it would be nice to date but it’s not the be all end all of my life. And I’m happy with what I have accomplished. I have yet to jump off my balcony from going insane kidding just kidding. I’m pretty sane compared to others that live in my building hehe 😈.

I’m still thin and workout less sorta though walking is a form of exercise and I do loads of that. I have a full head of hair which is awesome. And Diva is healthy and I have a roof over my head and food in my fridge and pantry and cable and Internet I’m doing pretty darn well all things considered. I’m thankful and blessed. I have amazing family some good friends And it’s good to be me. Can’t ask for anything more. Except this cold I have leaves quickly lol.

Over & Out


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