The Reality Of Dating Straight Men

I recently joined a new dating site many I’m sure have heard of called POF in short but the full name is Plenty Of Fish. I used this website many years ago before an app was even around. But yesterday I thought I would join simply because my message intake on OkCupid has been a touch slow and have not had many messages. In fact these dating articles might be slowing down because the sad reality of dating when you’re a M2F transsexual female who dates straight men, there are about 2% that will openly date you as in. Not keep you as their dirty little secret. Is far from anything on the regular.

Yes it’s sadly true but more often then not most straight men see us as a fantasy or a fetish. With in the last I dunno 7 hours between yesterday and today I have heard from men. Even though my profile clearly states that I’m trans, that I have fooled them which is bs who’s fooling anyone I’m just being my fabulous self (sarcasm there). They are not interested because they are straight. Um hello I’m not gay and In fact a straight female. There looking for sex only. And the list goes on.

There is also the attraction factor. Some guys might be into me and I’m just not attracted to them and so I won’t even bother with wasting my time on them. Or my favourite (Not) I’m into them but there just looking for something sexual, but look wise I’m dropping my mouth but again just sex I’m not looking for that. Dating as a trans female of any part of being in the transition weather you got a penis or a vagina is difficult when your into the opposite gender.

Most times it’s a crap shoot when it comes to dating. That being said that is why I do online dating because you can weed out the frogs more easily and get let down easily typically. I don’t mind when someone says they are not interested and they have manners doing it. As I will let others know I’m not interested. But when they say oh you fooled me it’s like fuck off ya idiot. My profile states that I’m trans and I was not fooling anyone I was being my self. That ticks me off but whatever.

So yeah that’s the real reality of dating when you’re a straight trans female dating straight men.

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