Mr 2 Hours


So little back story first. I had joined POF = Plenty Of Fish dating app. But with in a matter of a few days my account was removed not sure why but I do know I followed their rules so moving on. I had gotten two guys numbers before having my account removed.

Moving on Mr 2 Hours we had touched base later in the day yesterday and we had spoken over the phone. I texted him my buildings address because he was picking me up. My plan was to meet him in the lobby around 8pm. He had said to me on the phone “it might be a little bit past 8pm” which was fine. I’m thinking you know 8:15 at the latest 8:30pm.

Well wouldn’t you know those times came and went. He said he would be leaving his shop shortly. He has his own business and was going to pay one of his employees. But by 9pm I was getting pissed and was for sure thinking I’m getting stood up. I’m sitting on my sofa dressed ready to go makeup and hair done outfit looking cute and here I am waiting for this guy. Thankfully there was a good movie on Source Code with Mr Mic Hottie Jake Gyllenhaal Yum lol. Any who he finally calls me at like 10pm.

Now at this point I’m so ready to give him the what for but I heard him out. And let’s face it people deserve two chances after that there screwed. I told him out of respect don’t leave a girl waiting for two hours. He told me his business comes first. But guess what if your using online dating because your busy and you want a relationship you have to put effort into meeting people and out of respect don’t be late A. For a first date because it looks bad & B. It shows your serious about meeting someone.

Moving on he asked if it was to late to come pick me up and I said “typically I don’t go out this late but because you are coming to pick me up drive on over. But we’re staying on the phone till you show up.”

With online dating you just never know if the person will show up. So he picked me up as we went to a restaurant. We talked and then as we got to the restaurant he ordered food, I ordered an 8oz glass of Pinot Grigio. And we got to talking. Conversation flowed we then ordered two different deserts. More conversation was had. And then after that he paid the bill and we got out of there.

He drove me home we hugged goodbye and there was a small good night kiss and that was it. To be honest I did not feel a major spark. He’s a nice guy. But I was not instantly attracted to him. He would make a good friend I think but as far as anything really romantically I did not feel it. Would I go on a second date with him, it would really depend on if he made me wait again. Besides that who knows. Oh he was 6’0 feet dark hair, slim build, brown hair and 36. One thing I did notice was his dirty nails but that could have been because of work. I’m sorta a fickler for clean nails. It turns out lol. Anywho so that’s that guy.

Side note I’m to have a date with a guy tonight with a different guy. Stay tuned for that.

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2 thoughts on “Mr 2 Hours

  1. Yeah, this dude’s first impression is not good. Work comes first? Then maybe hold off on the dating until you have more time to be respectful of other people’s time! Best you didn’t feel anything with him, most likely.

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