Goodbye Garden


I noticed last week that a few people dug up their garden lots and removed whatever was in them. So I thought to do the same before our last garden meeting on Wednesday. It rained practically all day yesterday and my lot was wet so I thought perfect time to dig mine up. The photo above is two carrots I found as I dug the lot up. Any who I’ve realized gardening is not for me at least not 15 floors up. If I’m still in this building next spring I will not be doing the gardening again. Maybe a window plant. I had bought a metal garden planter that I have put my gardening tools into and gloves. So maybe next year do an indoor plant possibly. Though I’d rather just buy some flowers and go about it that way. Or get a bamboo plant since those are easy to take care of. What I do know is, I forgot half the time to go and water it and if it rained well why would I water it again was my thinking. Anyways I’ve done my part, I dug up my lot and won’t be part of the garden committee next year.

But what carrots did grow was cool and what wild flowers did grow again was cool. But know for sure its not a passion of mine as it is for some people. I like smaller things, more compact things and simpler things 😃😀.

Happy Gardening Gardner’s

Over & Out


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