Mr Saturday & People Who Are Not 100% Serious

Hey Guys & Gals

So Mr Saturday which is the second number I got from POF was a no show. He did however text me to say he was cancling and asked if we could re book for this week but that most likely won’t be happening.

Why because he has not shown much interest in me. I had texted him yesterday asking if he still wanted to get together this week and his response was sure. I then asked him well let me know what day and time works and he said he would let me know. Typically if someone is asking there asking to find out with in the same time frame they ask it. Not reading okay I’ll let you know which typically means ( I won’t text you ) and I’ll ( keep you hanging ). So that’s fine if he does text me I won’t respond and if I do I’ll just wait a day or so or maybe not even respond at all.

What slays me are people who exchange numbers just to text and on top of that people who are not 100% serious. Why give out your number to text or do a phone call chat your fingers / ears off to then not talk to them after. Why waste people’s time with even being online? 

If people are not 100% interested just come out and say I’m not interested and move on. I’m a big girl I can take it. I thought texting was good for doing fast texts. Why take forever to respond back to people????. Seriously I don’t understand some people. Anywho after Mr Saturday. I’ve spoke to a handful of people via Okcupid another site called Badoo and have chatted with some other guys. 

Back to the drawing board as they say.

Over & Out


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