How Coconut Oil Saved My Curls

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about doing a coconut oil mask on my hair but I did not share a photo of what my hair looked like after. After using a  Sulfate free shampoo by live clean for colour treated hair I just washed my hair once and put no conditioner in except a little coconut oil. I guess I did not wash all of it out because I noticed in spots my hair still had the oil in it.

This was yesterday air dried after using the mask and not fully washing all of the mask out my bad.


Well I did not want to re wash it so before going to bed I decided to put a little more on the extra dry areas like my bangs and the rest just sorta rubbed my hands all over. Then I wrapped an old t-shirt around my head and went to bed. After waking this morning I then decided to really was my hair well to make sure all of the oil got removed so I washed twice using the Live Clean Sulfate free shampoo then put some conditioner for color treated hair. Let that sit as I washed my face and then rinsed.

After getting out of the shower I towel dried my hair and then got dressed and walked Diva to let my hair air dry. When I returned and took the elevator up I looked in the little mirror and noticed some of my curl in my bangs which I have not seen since getting my hair done at the salon.

Once I got into my place I went straight to the mirror and noticed more of my curl. I took some of my AG Curl Activator and scrunched my hair and wet my hands three times to my damped hair I really noticed my curl and then took my diffuser and counted to 20 about five or six times and bam my hair has not looked like this since I went to the blonde side.

image image image image image image

Honestly I can say my hair has not look like this since going blonde. I never thought it would get back to being this way. And I guess my hair was just really needed the coconut oil to be left in longer then 60 minutes like I had done yesterday. Also I did rub some on my scalp in my thinning areas just for the hell of it. I did read that it can make your hair grow as well. Which is always a plus. By my hair now is soft. It’s not frizzy at all and I’m just so thrilled that my curl is back. And the wavy parts are wavy.

Nothing like doing a DIY project and I’m a firm believer now of what coconut oil can do for my hair. If you have ever wondered does it really work yes yes it does really work. It saved my hair.

If you have ever wondered yes it really does work.

I use Grace Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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