I Confronted The Bully With Witnesses

This morning we had as far as I’m aware our last garden meeting. I was not looking forward to this meeting because I did not want to confront this bully but I knew it was going to be my only chance to have witnesses around. I went to the meeting and I thought oh she’s not here awesome, I don’t have to have a confrontation and enjoy my morning. Unfortunately she showed up. I let her sit down and then I spoke. I asked everyone to not say anything and till I was finished because I had to get what I wanted to say out.

Then I just went for it. I told her I did not appreciate how she spoke to me in the tone she spoke to me in. The day she threw attitude at me when relaying that message. I also said she is known in the building as the bully and I don’t care for her kissing my ass after I gave her attitude back. I also said I don’t like her at all and to never speak to me or look at me going forward. I was so angry I started to shake. Her response was well that’s your opinion and then tried to throw it back at me saying others are talking about me which then I said you don’t even fucking know me. I basically told her the what for and then got up and proceeded to walk away.

Before doing that though the other three people who were there the look on their faces was surprise and a little shocked I think that someone put her in her place. The one woman who is sorta like the   Facilitator knew before hand that I was going to do this because I told her I was going to confront this woman a week ago.

Anyways I got up and left the group so I could breath in and out multiple times to calm my self down and to stop shaking. It takes a lot for me to get angry and to get to that point but she just crawls under my skin. Anyways I calmed my self down went back to the group but told the lady who was in charge I would not be back to any more garden meetings and that I was done. So if there were any more up coming meetings that I would not be attending them.

About 8 minutes passed, the three of the garden members walked to the shed to do whatever. And the facilitator said to me “I guess you really needed to get that off your chest” which I replied “yes”. She said given that you made it clear that you no longer want to be apart of the garden you can leave the meeting if you like then asked for a hug which I gave and said I was not mad at her but that I was just done with the bully at hand. I then left and came back to my apartment.

I’be never been that upset and angry in such a long time. Though I’m proud of my self for not crying and that when I knew I was getting worse to leave the situation and go and do some breathing to calm my nerves. I’m also proud of my self for telling the bully the what for and in front of witnesses so there is no real chance of any big rumors being spread. Though I’m sure she will try since we live in an apartment building.

Dont ever let someone get to you to the point of getting angry people are not worth it. But I do feel sometimes people need to know not to mess with you and to stand up for your self. Heck even the bully was shocked I was telling her off. I don’t think anyone’s done that. Now I can sleep at night. Maybe going forward she will think twice before she’s mean to people or maybe not and one of these days karma will get her.

It did not ruin my day I’m thankfully.

Over & Out


3 thoughts on “I Confronted The Bully With Witnesses

    1. One of my friends that lives in the building we twnd to have tea a few times a week and chit chat. She said she wished she was there to see it. She dislikes this lady as much as I do if not more lol

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