Friends Who Do This

My last text to this person: I’m writing this text instead of calling because I know I’d most likely get voice mail anyways. To be honest with you I’m not feeling our friendship anymore. What you did on pride with slapping me and given that you have not once called me to speak to me has been annoying. When I have brought up you not calling or texting does not mean do it the next day and all is forgiven. I’m sure you speak to other people more then you do to me. And the horrible excuses you always have which is you work long days yayaya. But when you want to talk or hang out is when you bother with me.

As far as I’m concerned I should not have to be the one always contacting you. Anyways I’ve had it with this friendship and you might want to learn from this experience going forward. Also the fact that after two weeks of not speaking and you sending me a text asking me to wish you well on a fucking date but don’t even ask how I’m doing I thought was fucking rude. And yes that is why I said you don’t need luck. You seem to think you know everything with transitioning which you so don’t. And your whole mind over your boobs is a utter joke. Anyways don’t bother with texting me back because I honestly am over this friendship. I wish you well in your life but as far as I’m concerned don’t ever treat another person the way you have treated me. Karmas a real bitch.)

I think I covered everything I wanted to say. After the slap happened on Pride this year with this friend she had proceeded to say she had a great time with friends as well my self through text and had said she was sorry again through text. Then after not speaking to me for two weeks she sends me a fucking message saying to wish her luck on a date. But never asked how I was doing or any of that. My response back to her was you don’t need luck and to not be clingy. She had said ouch and was like okay. I said you will do well and that was the end of that.

Another two weeks pass and I called and spoke to her voice mail asking her to call me. Never called me back instead sent a stupid text and so I said to her you never call to ask how I’m doing and blah blah blah on deaf ears. The next day I get a text she had sent that night saying she was off work and she was sending me a text to say hi. Honestly when someone says it would be nice to hear from them they don’t mean the same day they tell you. People this friend was only into hanging out when it suited her. And she never got it.

Then two weeks ago she texted again not called and asked if I wanted to join her to go shopping. I said sure because we needed to talk more so I could tell her that our friendship was basically not really one but a friend of mine I have not seen in a few months came over so I texted her not to come. And she never got back to me. So you know what i think when she slapped me on pride that’s when I was done with her.

Ok back story on Pride, the day we were on the float with others she was acting I dunno strange in my opinion. Anywho after the parade was over her. myself and one other person were both sorta friends with were standing around talking. This one person had mentioned if I (me) was there in jeans and a tshirt I would still look like a girl. I had said well duh yeah because I’d have makeup on and be looking good. Pride day is like the one day for some people to come out of their shell and be who they are. And this person could have totally I dunno put some effort into looking feminine but chose not to. Anywho the friend that slapped me I guess did not like what I said. Honestly I don’t really know why she went and slapped me. She slapped me on the arm but even still slapped me nonetheless. I turn to her and asked what the hell did she do that for and she rolled her eyes and turned her back on me so I said fuck this and left. It did not ruin my day I ended up meeting other people and enjoyed my day anyways.

Tha friend of mine I have repeatedly said many times to pick up the phone and call me because texting is impersonal and sometimes I’d like to have a real conversation not this texting bs. Nobody knows how to speak over a phone anymore I tell ya. And people,e who say they hate talking on the phone well texting is no better but whatever it’s what people do now and I should just accept it but I won’t. I still fight for voice to ear conversations lmao. But when your living on your own and the only human contact you have is not often. You can understand where I’m coming from. Moving on this friend I know for a fact talks to others but she only contacts me when ito convent for her to call me or whatever to hang out I need to just go with it.

So yea I’m over this friendship and I’m now done ranting.

Over & Out


3 thoughts on “Friends Who Do This

  1. Wow, I totally like how you stick up for yourself. This friend obviously does not deserve your friendship and it’s good that you make that choice for yourself and admit to yourself that you’re much more worth than this treatment!

    1. I just am sick of the bs. You know. Sometimes I feel people don’t make the effort to make a friendship work when time and time again you tell them to pick up the damn phone and call and they never do. Or they only contact you when it’s Convenient for them. Well why does anyone want a friend like that seriously I’d rather have no friends then put up with that treatment. 😃 I’m worth more then that.

  2. Sometimes there are people in your life you just need a break from, then sometimes you realize after the break that you don’t need them after all! Maybe she’ll come around someday or maybe you’ll just find your life is better without them. I’m in that place myself with a few people too.

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