Mr Conversationalist

So last night I had basically a first meeting/date but you can call it whatever you want. It was sorta a spur of the moment get together because we had spoken about making plans for the weekend. So I was surprised when he had asked if we could get together last night. I was looking forward in meeting this guy because he was my height. Typically I have been meeting guys shorter than my self so this was nice.

He picked me up in his jeep, my first time riding in one hehe. He’s a very good looking at least I think so 41-year-old. He looked like his photos which was good. Very much my type look wise. We went to a restaurant near my house. I ordered a glass of wine he ordered green tea. He does not drink at all but that’s fine. And we just talked about many different things, how much we both dislike the process of online dating haha.

As well other things such as my transition which I have no problems with, past relationships, music tastes, what we’re both looking for. He was really easy to talk to, he was also complimentary and a good conversationalist. I really enjoyed getting to know him and the plan is to hang out again. When we were leaving there were two women sitting on the patio. We sat outside because it was still warm out and so when we left I guess they had said something I was not aware of and he had piped up and basicly told them off. I had asked what did they say and he just said they were being rude talking about us.

I still have no idea what they said I was busy with the conversation I was having with him. Anyways no biggy. I had said maybe we spoke to loud. Whatever he drove me home and he gave me a hug which was nice and that was that. It would be great to hang out with him again. I believe there was some chemistry between the two of us he even discussed we should hang out again. So we will see what happens. I did text him before going to bed thanking him for the glass of wine and great conversation and that I had a nice time. As he sent a reply saying thanks again.

It was definitely a much needed good first meeting. I have faith again in good guys they are out there.

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