Hello 152lbs & Self Worth


So I recently weighed my self at my parents and their scale put me at 152lbs. Very happy about that why because I was getting really skinny there for a moment and it was a little concerning. But I’m happy to report that I’m gaining a little weight which is nice. I never wanted to get so thin that I looked unhealthy. I’m very pleased with the weight loss that I lost but it never was my intention to get so skinny I looked sick you know what I mean?. I’d like to gain a few more pounds and be at 155 or even 160lbs.

I have incorporated fish in to my diet. As well ground pork and of course chicken. I’m still eating heathy foods but also cheat a little and will have some peanut butter on soda crackers one of my all time favourite snacks that I used to eat when I was larger. But now when I eat this snack I dont pig out on it. Same with chips it’s all in the portions right?. I have become a pretty good cook I do believe as well a decent baker too.

And even though I had a few stressful days last week, I got over them and made sure it did not keep me from eating or what have you. I feel good, wait I feel pretty amazing with my hair and loving my body and loving my self. You have to feel good about your self and then when you do that you can allow others in whether it be romantically or not. Also that being said you have to know your self-worth and what you will and will not put up with from outside people such as friends or even acquaintances.

Yay to being happy in your body

Over & Out

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