An issue with elections Canada

Since having my name legally changed over 12 years ago once again I got a voter card in the mail with my very much old name on the card. Last year I had got a voter card with the old name on it. So I re registered and I thought all was fixed and changed. But that was not the case. So today after getting this card in the mail I first ripped the card up then went onto the website to try to get things fixed.

I spoke to three people. The first person was some what helpful she filed a complaint on my behalf. Then she transferred me to someone higher up. The second person I told her what had happened even said I re registered last year when I had got the wrong card. Then the second person told me to update my mailing address which I did online but again told them the old name needs to be removed. That person then gave me a number to call to get it fixed.

The third person I spoke to was so helpful. Had asked what the old name was so I spelled it out. Because I was not saying it lol. Then told him what my name is now and he removed the old name from the system. I also asked moving forward if I move again this won’t happen correct like I’m not going to get some voter card with the old name am I? He assured me that would not happen and even told me a second time that it was gone so if I went to look it up it won’t show. I did say to all three people I spoke to that I was a trans female and have legally changed my birth name to what it is now so for this old name to show up on these cards is most annoying.

I’m pleased that after some talking and being moved to the right people things were changed. But going forward other people might want to be aware if you’re getting a voter card with an old name on it when you have in fact had your name legally changed to call 1-866-275-1775 and make sure the information in file is correct.

I thought I was rid of that old name and till it was facing me in my mail box. Also it really pissed me off that they kept telling me to go in person to get it fixed. It’s like it’s your job people to fix this since its your fuck up not mine. Anywho all is fixed and I did double check online to make sure that name does not exist. Which I’m pleased to say it does not yay.

Also I would have thought by re registering last year that the old name would be gone. So Elections Canada if you read this post do every Trans person a huge favour and when they re register remove the old name on file thanks a bunch.

Over & Out


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