Staying Old School


So the latest models of the new iPhone are now out. I looked to see what models were available and it turns out Apple has scrapped their iPhone 5C which I’m not all that surprised. You can now only get from Apple the 5S 6 6plus and 6S and 6S Plus.

So you’re wondering about the title Staying Old School well I still have the phone I upgraded from my Samsung from 2013 it’s non other than the very oldish iPhone 4S. I have to say since upgrading to the new iOS 9. My phone runs pretty good. Battery is like mint does not die as quick ly and the camera still takes pretty decent photos though I do take more of my selfies on my iPad if at home. Other wise the ones it take are pretty good as far as I concerned.

My plan is to upgrade at some point to the iPhone 5S. But not just yet. My cell is working great and does what I need it to do. For what I use my phone for it works perfectly well and I feel no need to spent $100 bucks even with a two-year contract on a prettier upgraded iPhone and till my current phone decides to say oh I dunno stop working.

And hey if I hold out and till next fall you know Apple will just come out with a new phone by then and will most likely be called iPhone 7. Because every year the number will go up and soon you will see iPhone 2020 and it will be so big you will need a backpack to carry it around lmao. By next year the iPhone 5S won’t be around to purchase because by then the 7 will be around and you will only then be one to get the 6 as the older model.

Any who there is nothing wrong with my phone and an till it needs to be upgraded I’m gonna use it. If your an iPhone lover. What do you think about the new best shiny phones? Will you be upgrading to a new device? And what are your thoughts on the new upgrades if you do own a newer model?

Over & Out


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