Move Over Okcupid


Lately I’ve been bored out of my mind with Okcupid. Nobody is really cute on that app/site. Nobody that’s my type at least and so I went searching on the iTunes App Store to find something bright new and shiny. Okay so Tinder is not new and has been in fact around for awhile also it’s not new to me because I had joined earlier in the year but left the same day I had joined. But what is new to me is the second app I downloaded to use with Tinder which is Matches and it’s to be used with Tinder.

How this little gem works makes using Tinder a whole lot better. Okay so if you are not aware tinder works by swiping left for dislike and right to like someone. If both people match up then you can talk to each other. But with Matches you can mass dislike people at once just by pressing a button.

How it works is you have a grid. There can be any number of photos in the grid from 30 to 40 and so on. You click on the photo of the guy/girl that you might want to see more of with in the grid.

Then you click like or dislike or if you like them then that person disappears and shows up in the Tinder app. Once you have liked the people. You then go to the bottom of the grid and click see more which will remove all the people you dislike and bring up a new batch of people.


It’s making using Tinder way more fun in my opinion. Also I have disabled my account over on Okcupid for right now. I may at some point go back to Okcupid but as it stands right now it’s not worth it in my opinion. We shall see how long I stay with Tinder. I have hope that I’ll meet a nice guy.

So there you have it. I hope if you are thinking of using Tinder to download the second app to use it. And if you are using it what are your thoughts?

Happy Dating

Over & Out



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