Mr Conversationalist Part 2

Well so much for a second date. Mr Conversationalist oh I thought he was a nice guy is now in the shit pile with everyone else (smirk). After our meeting we had a few short text messages over a few days. Mainly that he was so tired to talk and wishing me a good night sleep. Thursday I had asked if he would let me know about Saturday nights plans his response was he would let me know Friday.

Friday came and I got no text from him. I did not send him one because he had told me Thursday evening that he would let me know And so I called him at 9:19pm and left a voice mail asking him to call me to let me know about Saturday evening.

Saturday came and no text message not a call to say sorry change of plans. Nothing!.

I thought texting was like the simple way to let people know that people are busy or whatever. The least he could have done was that. Or if he had lost interest to send over a text and simple say sorry just not feeling it and that would have been fine. But the fact he could not even do that pissed me off just a smidge. Like forget abuut respect. Also I find more often then not Leo’s tend to do this. Not sure why but they are the worst guys for me.

So there you have it. Mr Conversationlist is not a nice guy but in fact an ass. Another one bites the dust and you dust off your shoulders and move on. And what slays me is when you talk to these guys about how guys can be such dicks and they agree with you and then turn out to be just that a dick.

Such is life. You move on and hope to meet someone amazing.

Happy Dating LMAO

Over & Out


3 thoughts on “Mr Conversationalist Part 2

  1. Yesssss! I am going through the same thing right now except my guy will text me to say hi once in a while with no mentioned of the second date he said he wanted. He even left his sweatshirt with me on our first date and told me to give it back when he saw me again- guess he doesn’t want it back!

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