Mr PayPal



So I thought I would write about this because quite honestly I find it amusing, a little sad and a touch  pathetic. Get comfy and grab your fav cocktail or hot bevy. So Mr PayPal I had met from Okcupid earlier this past summer. Every once in a while I would get messages from guys who live outside of Canada. He was no exception. He was a good-looking fit guy from Las Vegas. A pilot so he told me.

One of the messages he had sent me on there was if he could send me a gift. Totally random out of no where then asked if I had PayPal. By my surprise I had said I did and then he asked what the email was to it. I know PayPal is safe and secure and so I gave it to him and with in a matter of a few seconds there was money sitting in my account.

I was surprised and did not know really how to feel. It’s not every day guys send me gifts of money just because. He told me I was just so beautiful and a goddess. By pass a few months and more gifts of money. I was feeling a little strange accepting money from this guy. He never once asked for nude photos or even a piece of clothing like you would think. But the conversation was always about some sexual fantasy he had. Which annoyed me because it was like for the amount of money you’re sending me you could have used on getting a real life person lmao.

Anywho I did end things with Mr PayPal and told him he might want to see a therapist. And the gifts of money he sent my way went to paying off credit. It’s to bad he was such a perv too because I’m sure he would have made a good boyfriend to someone.

When it seems to good to be true it usually is. Oh and if anyone ever wants to send you a gift of money make sure it’s through PayPal lol. That way you know it’s legit lmao.

Over & Out


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