Doing a workout improves your mood

It’s been ages since I touched my Seven app. It’s also been ages since I’ve done any form of a workout besides my walking Diva daily. Now that my cooking skills have improved and my weight is pretty much staying between a few pounds give or take I’ve been wanting to use my Seven app.

I did lose a lot of my weight from using this app but now that I’m at my ideal weight I also feel that it’s time to start using it again just not as much as before. I’ve decided to do it at least twice a week. Monday’s and Friday’s. And will only do the full body workouts so my whole body is getting done.

I just did a workout and I have to say my mood has lifted. Not that my mood was down but I feel good for doing it. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. About getting back to it but not for the weight loss part just staying in shape.

I do love walking Diva but the feeling I get after doing a workout is not the same as walking her. I feel more I dunno confident better about my self it’s strange but anyone who works out knows what I’m talking about. It improves my happy hormones lol I guess you could say.

I never started my journey of weight loss and getting this body to just get it and then slack off. And it’s not like I’ve really slacked off because I do walk Diva at least twice a day for a good amount of time. And sometimes I do take the stairs down. But I did stop using my workout app for almost two months. Not that I gained weight but now I think it’s time I start doing it at least twice a week. Plus colder weather will be upon us soon enough and baby when it’s cold outside I’ll be inside keeping my body in shape.

It’s great because I’ll be keeping this body in tiptop shape all through the winter months. While others get pudgy and bent out of shape hehe. Though I think winter time is good to stay in shape that way when next summer hits I’ll be once again ready for it.

Anywho happy workouts everyone

Over & Out

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