One Stop Shop

Since being on Tinder I have come across many people I have seen from other apps/sites. Some I’ve met in person. Some I have just seen on those sites and I have come to relies everyone is out looking for something but I do have to say, so far Tinder by far has the hottest members by far. Also I’m finding I am more attracted to the younger guys that look a little older as in 25 and up. The song I posted before it’s by Tove Lo called Like Em Young. Is totally me it’s funny but I love that song and am finding guys who are younger than me are like super hot and maybe that’s why they contact me more so then older men.

I’ve also noticed there is way more taller muscled yummy tattooed men on there that I’m drooling over. It’s like being a kid in a candy shop all the gorgeous men, heck even some of the shorter men are gorgeous and muscled and tatted. All I know is I’m in heaven haha. Now if I can just land a date with one of them I’ll be set haha.

What is funny is seeing people on there that I have already met and it going no where. It’s like dislike and bam I never have to see them again which I also really like. I also saw Mr Conversationlist on there and quickly disliked him. I think I’ll stick to staying on Tinder for awhile and see what comes about. Who knows what can happen.

Happy Dating

Over & Out


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