Dating & STDs or STIs

So I write a lot about online dating and how I’ve gone on some dates and all that good stuff but I know that not all of my readers are older and in fact some are younger in age. I want to make it very clear that if you are old enough to use online dating and you down load these dating apps that you should be old enough to go out and buy your own condoms and practise safe sex always. And don’t rely on other  people to have condoms with them if you are sexually active.

I don’t believe in having sex on the first few dates and typically if you do, you most likely won’t be seeing that person again. From my past experiences that is what I have found. Also just because people say they are clean does not mean that they are. I get tested regularly and have a full check of tests done. And because I go many months between people I have dated or have sex with its enough time for a good test to come back with good results. Also I really hate casual sex and or one night stands and though I hate having them I have had my moments just as anyone has. But I always practise safe sex.

I also have ocd and I’m a touch paranoid and so I make sure to get tested every few months even if I’m not sexually active or dating anyone. I guess it’s because I have known past friends who have caught HIV from wrong choices they had made. And I want to be around for a while and think of my body as a temple. The last thing I want is to catch something from someone.

Also if people say it feels better without a condom let me just make a point as honest as I can, it feels the same. So you can tell them if they say they don’t want to use one to tell them where to go. No glove no love hunny. They make condoms so thin now it feels good for both parties involved. Please be safe and always make sure to have your own condoms. No glove no love.



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