The Quest To Perfection

Does not exist when it comes to dating and finding the right person for you. Disney has fucked every single persons dream to finding her prince or princess up. I’ve written about not settling and I’ve written about not liking smokers. But I’ve also written about finding someone tall and someone who can make me laugh and someone who’s in shape and so on and so forth.

Minius bad habits that people can stop or over come such as smoking or just accepting if they meet other things on your list. Here is my checklist that some people seem to think is not reachable. Though I digress.

  1. Tall: taller than 5’11 ideally
  2. Physically fit: love muscles though it can mean naturally or from a gym
  3. Hair or bald: not totally picky on that.
  4. Eye color: not impotent
  5. Skin colour: also not important
  6. Personality: someone who can make me laugh
  7. Honesty
  8. Loyal
  9. Loving
  10. Gentlemen

How is this check list over the top? I like tall men. I think this stems from being short when growing up and loving the masculinity of being protected same thing when a man has muscles it makes me feel protected as well that is what sexually turns my crank. As for the height and muscles the rest of my check list is pretty normal. Sure I’m not a lover of guys who smoke but and I mean a big ass butt. If I met someone (which I have) and they meet everything on my list the smoking thing I’ll accept. Because I’m interested to see where things will go with this guy. And though I’m not a fan of smoking when I was in his company I never smelled it nor did I taste it when we had our good night kiss.

I’m interested to see where this will go and we have a second date set up for next week. In a perfect world the smoking would be not a part of him. But he’s my height, great smile, a true gentleman in every sense. And we’re excited to see each other again. And I’m hopeful.

Anyways back to my post at hand. Do you have a check list like mine? And do some of your friends think it’s over the top or do you your self also have a list of qualities you are seeking when you do dating or the type of person that you are looking for?.

Share your comments below.


The Nerve

Yesterday as I was waiting for the bus to go home with my groceries. This woman who I have seen a few times that lives in my building decides to talk to me. But more so about trans related shit. Saying so like since you are a woman now can I ask some questions. I said sure I suppose. She’s like I have a  nephew that wants to become a woman. He’s 16 and I’m having a hard time with some of it, I mean I don’t care do what you want but.

Honestly Google shit! I found it to be a touch annoying. But at the same time sorta honoured in a way that she wanted to learn as well. And wanted to know how to go about things. As her bus came we exchanged names and I told her later on if she wanted to talk to let me know.

But honestly I don’t feel like being the one to teach people. It’s not my job to educate everyone in my freaking building what the hell a trans person is or is not. I kind of wish there was like a posting or something on the bulletin board or information booklet or something. So people could just read up on it and leave me out of things.

The last thing I want is to be known as my buildings trans person. Like I have a fucking sign with me saying I’m trans. It’s a little annoying. I guess in a way it’s good but I just don’t see it that way at the moment.


Covergirl Tru Blend Foundation New Shade m3 Golden Beige


I needed more foundation and wanted to try something different than Revlon Color Stay. I was able to test the out before buying it yay for testing makeup. Anyways I went with this and really like how thick it is when it comes out. I also like how you pump it out and then when you are done using it you twist to lock it in place then put the cap back on.

I’ve never tried the Tru blend foundations but I have to confess I’m really loving this foundation. I put it on using my foundation stippling brush. I did test two different ones on my face at the store of this and some other brand then came home and applied more to then having to wash my face because it was to much. So after washing my face and re applying this I got the finish I wanted. It’s light weight and it really matches my skin color more so then the Revlon one I had. I think anyways.


If you have tried this foundation let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below. Also it was cheaper than the Revlon foundation I typically buy. So that was also a nice surprise.

Over & Out

Facial Hair On Men


So I have to confess I have a thing for men and facial hair I dunno what that’s about but it’s my new sexy feature that I’m just loving. He’ll the more the better. It’s like the more rugged they look the more I’m attracted to them. I think because it makes them look more masculine and manly to me.

Of course they have to have a look about them to go with the facial hair. For example the fellow I had my date with last night was tall standing at 6’2 naturally fit he had a bald head with a full on beard but well groomed. Just his over all attire and the way he carried him self I was all about. Infact if we were not out at a bar I might have jumped his bones that’s how much I was into him haha. But as the lady that I am I behaved.

All I know is I’m really loving men with facial hair any where from peach fuzz to 5:00 shadow, to Mr Jake Gyllenhaal’s to a more bushy but groomed beard.

Do you like men with facial hair? Comment below!


First Dates


So it’s been a while since I’ve gone on a date and guess what? I’m going on a date tonight. This guy I had spoken to in the summer time on an app. But for a few reasons did not meet him giving that he was looking for something other then dating at the time but his personality I liked. Well we ended up matching on Tinder and he gave me his number and we got to talking. The other night we talked for two hours on the phone. And we have quite a few things in common. Also he’s 34 he’s my height at 6’2. He drives, he lives alone and he’s really easy to talk too. And also has good looks.

He’s picking me up tonight around 7:30pm we’re going for drinks to a near by place close to me. And yea I’m sorta looking forward to tonight’s date. Even though I shouldn’t be because we all know if it does not happen I’ll just bitch about it tomorrow most likely but nonetheless I’m excited because it’s been a while that Ive gone on a date. I’ll order my usual a glass of Pinot Grigio. And stick to one glass. And because he’s my height I plan to wear my red boots they have a little bit of a heel.

We already spoke this morning and yeah I’m looking forward to tonight hopefully it won’t be piss ass raining since there calling for it this afternoon.

Wish me luck ;).

Do You Ever Have An Itch?


That needs to be scratched. Two weeks ago I had an itch, the thought crossed my mind and I realized it’s been a while since I’ve had any passion. I get bombarded by messages online by guys who wanna give me action it’s pretty crazy. But you want to know something I dislike having sex with new people and would rather sleep with someone I already know. And yet I hate causal sex and fwb but at the same time I’d like to know the person as well. And sometimes you just need to get some.

So I’m friends with this one guy I’ve known for I think two years now. We had hooked up earlier in the year. Remember when I got together with the Russian Prince well that time was crazy hot but was on a Saturday and well that following Monday I had my itch scratched by this guy I know.  Let’s just call him Mr Itch lol. Anywho we were supposed to get together a few times since the last but either I was to tired or not in the mood.

But I texted him last week and said I had an itch and I needed him to scratch it. He told me when he would be in town next. Because he’s been working out of town the last little bit. And we would get together. I got ready for him. In the afternoon I had done a coconut oil treatment on my hair. Then washed it blow dried it and flat ironed it. I also put on some makeup so I looked put together. I also threw on some sexy lingerie and put a fuzzy robe over top. Lit a scented candle put on my battery operated tea lights.

Got the bed prepared and the other things out on the night stand so they were handy to grab. I put some music on. But as I was waiting for him he sends me a text saying to let him in cause he’s buzzed but apparently since getting rid my my home phone the buzzer now no longer works. Though it did for a while when I ended the services. Thankfully I did not have to throw on some clothes and go let him into the building because someone did.

Mr Itch came in we hugged. Diva gave him shit lol as she always does with people. I got him a glass of water and we talked for a little bit before getting busy. I have to say this second time of sleeping together it was better than the first time. Also I’m not super sore like I was before. Sometimes when I have had sex my whole body aches the next day. But not this time which I’m thankful for. Nothing is worse than literally being sore the next day and feeling like you did a crazy workout haha.

Anywho as much as I dislike casual sex or fwb in this situation sometimes you just need some and it’s nice to be able to do it with someone you have some history with. So you don’t feel completely bad about it when you have those one night stands and never see the person again. Because those suck the most lmao.

So yea I had fun last night and it was a lot better than the first time we hooked up. Also he’s really goodlooking younger hehe he’s 27 oh and he’s tall with a nice body too just saying is all haha. Anyways I’ll talk to you all later.

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Hair & Skin Update

imageI thought I would post these photos since washing my hair tonight after doing a coconut oil treatment on it and then blow drying it and flat-ironing it. It really does look amazing when you think about where I started from. Basically a buzzed head only a few years ago. I went from basically pixie hair.

Seen here


To below


Sorry about the no makeup in these first photos.


Makeup below


I also wanted to let everyone know about my new skin cleaning method. Which is washing my face morning and night with nothing but coconut oil. I also use it as a zit zapper which seems to be making it better. I wash with warm water and taking a good amount of coconut oil which I warm in my hands then rub it all over and then splash water on and rub then I pat dry.

Also when removing my makeup I also use coconut oil as well. Honestly I don’t find that my face is overly dry as it moisturizes as well so no need for cream after. It really removes all makeup which is great. I also think my makeup goes on better which is great.

I’ll do another hair up date come April so keep an eye out for that.

Over & Out

600 Queen Of Hearts


So the drug store near my house seems to be having a sale on Revlon Gel Envy nail polishes so while I was out today I picked up another color it’s a very dark red. My plan is to get all the colors that I would wear or want to wear on either my fingers or toes and have many colors to choose from. I really like the shine that the diamond coat gives and I also really like how the color has a base coat built into it.

I honestly thought this was more of a burgundy color and not a dark red but oh well now that I have it on its growing on me. I put two coats of it on because it needs it. They also had black but tho I have seen others online wear black I’m not sure I can do it.

Though for Halloween you could do something creative I’m sure with black and red or whatever. I want to try other nail colors that I would not normally try out. Because really I love pastel pinks and glitter polishes and bright pink. But come fall and winter those colors don’t look so great lol.