Mr Badoo

So yesterday I had my very first date with someone from Badoo. Since using that app I have met no one. After we exchanged numbers I canceled my account because I hate the app but after yesterday I’ve decided to re join.

So Mr Badoo is one of the most interesting dates I’ve had yet. First thing I was not sure what title to give this post. I thought maybe Mr Blue Eyes or Mr Connection or even Mr Scorpio.

Okay so Mr Badoo is 34 his birthday is one day after mine which is pretty cool. He’s tall he’s half black half white beautiful light blue eyes. Naturally tanned skin and Physically fit also a really sharp dresser.

So I met him downtown I took the bus to meet him and was a little nervous I do have to say because I was not sure if he would show. I guess it’s because you never know with online dating if the person will show or look like their photo or whatever it’s all quite nerve-racking I think.

But we met at the bus stop I got off at, I had to wait maybe 5 minutes but then he sent me a text saying he sees me and I look up and there he is, he stood out from everyone else. And my thought was hot damn lol.

We went to play a game of pool as a fun activity though he beat me at 2 games. I won one of them. He’s a very touchy feel type guy which is nice and we had our first kiss between the first game. As I was doing one of my turns he takes out his cell to take some snaps of me. I thought oh how cute. We also ended up doing a few selfies together which was also sweet.

The chemistry was definitely there. And I felt really comfortable with him. On the way to the pool hall we had walked past his condo. And he had said that his condo has a roof top patio. We did end up going to the roof top. On the way back

Even though it was day time it was pretty magical to be honest with you. An amazing view of Ottawa. And I felt really special. Something to remember for sure. We took a few photos of one another up there as well a few of us together.

It’s not everyday you get to see a view like that. The condo has like 27 floors or something. His condo was on the 20th floor and even the view from there was also nice. He did give me his sweater since I was getting a little chilly.

After the rooftop we did go to his place and he made me a cup of tea. And we ended up having a pretty heavy make out session to be honest with you. But I was a lady and behaved it being first date and all. Infact because it was sorta a surprise visit to his place he had to put a few things way so as I took my time to take off my boots he went and cleaned a few things up.

The conversation was easy the kisses were intense. The connection was pretty strong I felt. I also had a strange déjà vu experience as he was telling me a story it was like I had already been there before with him. I even stopped his story and told him. It’s been a while since I’ve had an experience like that happen to me. And so when it does it’s like bam in your face. Anywho very strange but really cool at the same time.

I left his place around 8pm and took the bus home. Was a good time for sure. We spoke a little bit when I got home and his last thing to me was that he was calling me back in 45mins and 45mins came and went. I thought maybe he fell asleep or something. But never got a response back when I had sent him a text.

So now who knows what’s going to happen. There was talk of a second date for either Friday or Saturday. I won’t be texting him today I’ll wait for him to call or text me. The one thing I dislike about first dates with people is the stress of wondering if they will call or text or if there will even be a second date.

But because of this date actually happening I’ve re joined Badoo and have put faith back into that app. Since this date was a success and followed through. So this is the end of this dating story. Keep an eye out for more as I go. Hopefully I’ll land my self a boyfriend sooner than later. That would be nice.

Mr Badoo Part 2

Over & Out


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