Love Yo Hair Friday

imageSo yesterday I did a coconut oil hair mask. I did it differently then last time. I lightly wet down my hair instead of soaking my hair. I did use a good amount of coconut oil. Put it through all of my hair. Massaged my scalp for about 5 minutes or so then clipped up my remaining hair and put on a disposable shower cap. I then set the time for three hours and with in that time frame I cleaned my apartment and wrote a few blog posts.

The photo to the left is after I dried my hair with a defuser. In my hairs natural state. I also put a very tiny bit of coconut oil through my hair. I also want to mention I shampooed once and conditioned twice.

I would say my hair has grown a good amount since I have been doing the coconut oil hair treatments. I’ve also been using it as a face cleanser at night-time and have noticed I don’t have as many breakouts. Strange a know but it’s true. I’m also not wearing any makeup in the photo or even used a filter to remove any blemishes. image

Today I just went ahead and ran my hot curling brush through a few pieces of my hair as you can see with the photo on the right which was taken this morning.

I did spray a tiny bit of my hair with hair spray which will hold and till pretty much tomorrow give or take. I’ve cut down doing the oil treatments to once a week. My hair is soft and touchable. Also take notice that when you do the scalp massage some fall out is normal and will happen.

I’ve cut down the amount of times I wash my hair to about twice a week. When I don’t use the hot curl brush my hair goes wild and crazy which I don’t mind at all. When I had my date Wednesday I was not about to try to curl my hair and make it smooth because it was damp out and windy as all hell.

So I thought it’s best to just leave it wild and crazy. imageI had also put in my curl activator so that has also helped with not having to wash it every few days. Oh and I found out I do have fine hair I just have a ton of it. So I guess your hair texture does change over time. Because it used to be coarse. Any Who interesting. So yea I’m calling this post Love Yo Hair Friday because I’m really loving it as of lately. It’s also growing like crazy which I’m also thrilled about.

Anywho hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Tomorrow I’m getting together with my mom and I’m going to hopefully get some new glasses. I’m shooting for frameless ones so when I do my eye makeup you can see it. Though I love my coloured frames I want something else I can change up.

Talk soon


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