Multicultural Thanksgiving Dinner


Yesterday my apartment building put on this dinner. I went down at 3pm to help volunteer and had brought down my muffens earlier in the morning that I had baked Sunday night. All the food was made by different people in the building as well deserts. There was everything from chicken to meatballs to mashed potatoes. And different foods from other culturals. Such as tabouli salad as well other great foods. And there was many other deserts as well. This dinner has been happening for about 11 years so I was told. Also everyone who has either made something or volunteers gets served first and everyone else has to wait.

My friend and I got our food and brought it back to my place to eat. And relaxed. My lower back was a little sore from all the standing I had done. But it turned out great. The food tasted amazing and it was great to do.

Also I don’t care to bake for a while lol I’m all muffens out haha.




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