My Favorite Hair Color


Back in 2005 to keep up my blond hair I used Belle Color by Garnier because it would lift my bio hair perfectly. If you notice on the side of the box in the photo above it has 6 Colors three in the left of what you have and three on the right what Color it should lift too.

old picThough back in 2005 I did not use 90-light blonde I did use one of the blonde shades heck for all I know I could have well used this Color and I just don’t remember.

It’s amazing that my hair is almost the same length now as it was when that photo was taken back in 2005. imageIt’s like 15 years apart. It’s crazy how time flys and I’m pretty much the same build too just enhanced in our areas haha.

Crazy how the time goes. Anyways so yea back when I would dye my hair my self Id have to say Belle Color even back then was probably about $8 bucks a box and now you can buy it for just under $5 bucks at Walmart. It’s very easy to apply and it works really well. It also leaves your hair soft to the touch. I would also say that I do a much better job at doing my roots. Now then I did back then lol.

Of course back in 2005 when I did at home hair colouring my hair was lightened before using box dye from a hair salon. And to just keep the blonde up is when I would buy the boxed dye. I do not know what colour you may get if you just dye from the box with out going to a salon first or if you have other colored hair and then use this dye on top so in that sense it might be a science project and may turn out bad.  But for someone who already has dyed blonde hair and wants to keep up their Colour I’d say give this a try.

For my full review check out my video here.

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Hair Color

  1. Is this a conditioner or is it dye? I thought you just got your hair colored…has it been that long already? LOL. I did get touchups the last time I got a cut, and I’d the color about 6 weeks. Since I just have highlights she just brought some of them up higher to cover the growth.

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