Scammers On Dating Sites


I wrote about this once or twice on my blog I’m sure of it but if not that’s what this post is about scammers on dating sites.

Just yesterday I was contacted by this guy super good looking but not from my city. I had added him to my Facebook so we could talk through messenger. He had said he had a friend in Ottawa and that he wanted to move here. He’s from the UK but he was in Nigeria for work. He told me he had a 3-year-old son.

Get this so this morning he tells me his son is sick and he brought him to the hospital the doctors told him his son has tested positive on Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He tells me that its gonna cost 11,500$ for the treatment, and he already spent, 1500$ for the test.

He even sent me the confirmation from the doctor in a photo.

So I tell him oh I’m sorry maybe try to raise funds for the treatment. He tells me it’s only for the U.S. Which is false it’s open to a few different country’s. Then he goes on to say (could you give a helping hand to matter small, i hate to ask but will be indebted for life).

My last message to him before blocking him was (Sorry but no don’t have that kind of money).

So beware if anyone asks you for money don’t give anyone anything period. No matter how good looking they are no matter if they have kids whatever they tell you don’t give them anything ever. And if you do blame your self when you get played that’s all I’m going to say.

I’ve been asked before about sending people money that I just started talking to. Sorry but hell to the no hunny talk to the hand cause this girl don’t wanna hear it.

Stay safe with online dating.


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