When Men Go M.I.A.

Missing in action is what I’m talking about. Lately this is what keeps happening to me and I’m not entirely sure why. I’ll be conversing with a guy say over text and a few phone calls and then bam they disappear. They don’t respond back to my text and forget about them calling me back when I leave a voice mail.

I was just taking to this really cute guy and taller than me at 6’4 we had talked about getting together Friday and even possibly tonight. My last text from him he sent me last night but by the time I got it and responded to it it was this morning and I have not gotten a text from him at all. Like nothing. I even sent a text asking how his day was and still zero response.

There should be text etiquette invented. For responding to texts when your trying to get to know someone knew. Or better yet don’t exchange numbers unless your willing to put in the time to respond to people. I thought texting was to be the easy way to connect to people. Also I noticed Mr 6’4 had deleted his account on the website we were speaking off of. Who knows why he did that but these guys keep biting the dust and I would love to know why?.

Why exchange numbers with me if your just going to disappear after a few days?

This is why online dating sometimes sucks.

Over & Out


8 thoughts on “When Men Go M.I.A.

  1. I’m guessing the guy wasn’t single or fake and no going to ever follow thru with meeting. Just some a-hole getting off on talking to a pretty girl and stringing her along. Happens more than you know. Women do it to men too.

    1. It’s so freaking annoying. In wish they had balls to speak up. To either say sorry but I’m leading you on, ( some have said that to me) or say honestly not that interested or something, ah well just means they were not for me.

      1. At least you were lucky enough to have them leave you alone than ditching you at some restaurant or hotel. Some may even have relationships across town when they have another life some where else!! You are better off with someone else. Especially someone who invests as much in you as you require.

      2. Yeah I had a guy stand me up TWICE in a row and never apologize. Dick. The restaurant felt so sorry for me I got a free dinner. Lol

  2. I was online dating way back in the late 90’s before texting existed, so I know it was very different from now, BUT I never exchanged more than one or two emails with a guy before asking them to call me so we could TALK. Because so often it was easy to email, then I got on the phone with them and there was zero chemistry and I could just end it right there. If a phone call went well, then a simple coffee date was sugggested next, because right away I wanted to see if when we MET we still had chemistry. If we didn’t, it was easy to leave after one cup of coffee without having to spend too much time with the dude. Then if that went well, we moved into the dating arena. So really, this way I was able to avoid a lot of chit chatting online and THINKING there was something happening, only to find out weeks later that there wasn’t. Not sure if it still could work that way though. No one wants to talk on the phone anymore, but it seems essential to me.

    1. Same with me. This whole texting business is stupid in my books, having to ask to talk over the phone is also stupid. I’m making it more of a point to call and if they have voice mail to leave messages. But what’s even more funny is when you call and they respond with a text maybe later ugh really people. So dumb

      I also remember where you would write emails and then would I only ever meet if we touched base over a phone lol.

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