texting etiquette – I hate texting

I thought I would google just that. And it seems to me there is loads of articles written about this very topic. Everything from when to respond. To let them text you first and everything else. So on that note I’m writing my own.

Okay I just deleted top 3 things and have decided to write something else I Hate Texting. I hate it so much I miss talking to people over the phone. Sure I get it texting is easy and you can do it quickly and if your out with friends or in a meeting or whatever then sure I get it it’s quick and easy and you can do it quietly.

But it’s totally impersonal. And it’s made everyone just live in their fucking heads. It takes less then two minutes to pick up the phone and just say what you want to say. Also when dating someone I want a phone conversation I want to hear the guys voice I need that human contact to hear that persons voice. I hate texting so much I’m practically telling people look if we’re going to exchange numbers we are talking over the phone other wise don’t bother exchanging numbers with me.

I just miss phone conversing and I don’t think I’m alone on this one. Sure I get it texting is great if you’re not a phone person okay I get that and that’s all great for you non phone people. But for us phone people who like conversing I miss it I soooooo much, talking over the phone with someone you get along with and the time just flys by.

For the amount I have texted and it turning into these big ass paragraphs on my phone or iPad I could have spoken it and not had to look at a screen just waiting to get a response back. I so hate texting it’s not even funny. I wish they got rid of texting all together. Yup I said it. Get rid of texting. Use the phone as a phone and there you go.

End Rant


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