First lines by guys from Badoo, Okcupid & Tinder


Hello princess,

Do u know how beautiful u are ?
U have something attractive but I couldn’t find it yet,

You resemble a goddess!,

You have amazing tits, ( I’m assuming it’s because of a photo I have posted showing some cleavage)

You got some nice (.)(.) I would suck on them all nigh long,

Youre really sexy,

Hey you,

You are sweet,

Wow you are gorgeous. I would worship you lol,

Hi I like your hair it compliments your eyes. I hope one day we can meet up an hang out,

Howdy stranger danger! Meet any “winners” off here yet?! Lolo,

so Classy’,

You’re just looking fantastik! I feel sorry for myself that i’m not your kind of man! Xx,

Good evening, Miss Queen…how’s your weekend going for you so far- good times? You have a most alluring look and energy about you that makes me want to know more of the woman the lies behind your beauty good looks…I can only imagine how deep your story may go, filling out the woman I see on the outside paired with the soul of the woman you are on the inside…
Deep thoughts, to be sure…but worth pondering to discover all the you there is to know…

Until Then-
Keep Smiling- inside & out!

Hi you are gorgeous ,

Hello, how are u doing? U look beautiful so I wanted to say hi and hopefully we can get to know each other 😊,

fuck you are hot,

she so hot!!! oufff! lol!  Do you have skype? ,

Wow !! You are so hot 😉

heyyyyyyy. you’re hot babe 

Yup it’s true they are all unedited and it’s amazing what a guy will say. Also for the record most of the pigs that sent me these messages never read the bio before hand. Just saw with their eyes and then sent messages.

I wonder how many people gave them the time of day. Because I never did lmao.


8 thoughts on “First lines by guys from Badoo, Okcupid & Tinder

  1. Oh gosh. I can SO relate, I used to get messages like this ALL the time. 😝 So many guys are classless on those dating sites.

      1. Yeah I even had a guy ask me in the FIRST message if I was a virgin, and if so, he wanted to “pop my cherry!” Unbelievable

  2. I have the same issues myself. It’s like searching for a needle in a hay stack. At some point you will find someone decent to talk too. Until then it’s dealing with children.. No thank you. Lol

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