Life Update for October


Hey everyone so every so often I do a life update just to cover different things in one post. My last update I spoke about my living situation that I had felt unsafe and what not well I have some good news on that topic. Since getting the letters from my doctors and sitting in front of a panel of people to discuss what has gone on. I did receive a letter from the housing that I’m in and  apparently what had happened to me, I basically need to call security if I have anymore problems and that the situation does not go under their rules for a transfer move to another location.

The good news is I have not had more problems. The one thought that did cross my mind tho is that if something worse happens say someone murdered me then I would hope they would change their minds for future trans people. Of course this is a crazy thought but non the less a thought that crossed my mind.

On the positive side the location of where I am from everything is kind of perfect. Just today Diva and I walked to Petsmart. I’m super close to the supermarket as well the dollar store. My drug store is close by also with in walking distance and I can get downtown with in 25 to 30 mins by public transit. Oh and my apartment it’s self and view is pretty awesome. Photo with post I took from my view of course I did crop it but I get to see the fall Colors.

My weight has been pretty consistent it goes up and down a few pounds. But is staying in the 150 to 153 range which is fine. Not really worrying about gaining ten pounds. I’m happy and am eating more things into my diet which is pretty cool. Oh and I’m turning into one hell of a cook I do have to say. Oh and my new Favorite desert my amazing pecan chocolate chip banana muffens. Taste amazing and so easy to whip up. Who knew I would be such a baker, I never did but I enjoy it and even more so when what you make turns out amazing.

Last week I had to call to get new weather stripping put on my front door because I could smell a strong smell of pot. Though I don’t care if people smoke it. Do what you want but I don’t want it in my apartment. Thank god for scented candles.

I did go and cancel my home phone service. Turns out my buzzer works just fine with out the land line even though the land line is still working for my internet. But as far as it being a working line for incoming calls that I no longer have to worry about which is nice. And if I needed to I could make out going calls from it. Also I’m sure your aware by now but my last life update I wrote about the guy I was seeing, meeting my folks well since then that has ended. And I’m back to the grind of online dating lucky me lol.

When I was on Facebook I was notified about an old memory thanks Facebook and it was a note I wrote about online dating and how I need to stop settling for guys I’m not totally into. I thought it was interesting because I wrote the note back in 2007 and I’m still writing about things like that and it’s now 2015. You would think I would have learned guess it’s easier said then done. So my plan going forward is to do just that follow my damn advice. I guess I’m doing something right though. Using other apps to hopefully meet the type of people I want to meet and cutting away the people I’m not totally into.

Also lately I have been using heat tools on my hair and so last night I did a coconut oil hair mask which my hair definitely needed. My hair feels super soft and feels amazing. I was due for a mask anyways since I’m doing them once a week. But last week my hair was washed a few times because of using hair spray. I might of over washed it last week and that’s why it was feeling dried out. I need to make sure going forward to use less product on it.

Also I’m going to be getting new glasses. Totally different frames something that has less Color. Also will be rocking transition lenses. No worry about sunglasses then since those types just switch on their own. And it turns out my left eye has gotten a little worse and my right has gotten better, totally strange but yea that’s what has happened with my eyes. I’m not totally sure how your eye can improve but I’m going with it.

Other then that not much is new. I did find out my ex from April is now seeing someone new which is awesome and I’m totally happy for him. But when I had asked him if she was trans or cis female. He tells me oh she’s cis pure female. I’ll be honest that kind of got to me a little. I did tell him cis means not trans. The way he said it though was like her being pure meant I was not. Just because she was born with the female body does not make her better or something.

I’ll have you know that Initially, all human fetuses are female, in that the default pathway is to develop into a female. During the eighth week of gestation, the presence of a Y chromosome and a functional locus for the SRY gene product, also called the testes determining factor (TDF), determines if testicular development will occur. This process converts the inherently female fetus into a male one, as a steadily increasing surge of testosterone is then produced by the testes. Much of the testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone, which is the key hormone to virilize the fetus. Along the biochemical pathway, other recently identified gene products likely play an additional role in the masculinization of the fetus.

So is your new girl better than nope she was just born the way she was born. So pure my ass. Simply put she’s not trans and that’s okay. But to sound like she’s better because she’s pure how about this why date me for 1 & 1/2 years hmmm. Okay a little bitter because of his wording but whatever I’m happy for him non the less.

Anywho over all things are going well. And I’m excited to see what the future holds for me and the new year ahead.

I hope all is well.



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