My dating app experiment

So last night I wrote about my new dating app experiment that I will be doing. The reason why I went looking for some new ones is quite frankly the ones I have been using as of lately have not gotten me any where. I have to confess but Tinder is down right boring. Okcupid I just disabled my account because it’s been super dry and most people who send me messages are from the states as of lately. And Badoo is nothing but guys who just end up making me disappointed because they disappear after a few days.

So I thought I need to try something new. I googled what are the top dating apps and then found an article someone wrote listing off top dating apps. Of course there were some that did not interest me and that’s why I did not list them on my list of ones to try. I’ve decided to stop looking for mr perfect but not lower the qualities I’m looking for. I do think it’s good to have standards and a list of things you want in a partner but I also think if an app is not working for you to try others. Because you just never know what will happen. But to give those apps a thorough chance you should leave the others you are using. And then go back to the ones that are working.

As I said I will test out each app for one week each. And then make notes of how each app is working and then write up my review of each. After one week has passed I will then move on to another app. If anything it will be fun to try something new. And who knows maybe I’ll meet some new friends and possibly go on some dates, just going to keep an open mind.

Also this will give me great material for my dating blog over at LGBT Perspectives Magazine  you can find it by looking at the menu tap top right corner listed under Dating blog: Jenn X unplugged. And while you are there you can check out some other fab writers.



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