Winter Doggy Snow Suit


Here in Canada our winters are cold and some times not very pleasant. And now that I live in a highrise apartment building Miss Diva needs a much warmer winter coat. She has a coat but nothing like this. Also because of her fur loss on her back legs and butt area, I wanted to get something that would cover those areas.


A few weeks ago when I was at Petsmart I saw these snow suits for dogs? But they were $29.99 and I thought cute but I’ll wait till they go on sale. Well today I took her in for a walk in treatment and while there I noticed them now on sale for $20 something and with PetPerks it was then on sale for $17.99 so I had to try one on Diva and it fit perfectly even with her other sweater and harness and shirt on. I thought sold it fits her really well and then all she will need are some winter booties.


The snow suit is by TopPaw. Diva is rocking the large. This snow suit comes in X-small all the way up to X-Large also info taken from Petsmart Our Top Paw Pink Snow Suit with Reflective Stripe allows you and your furry friend to enjoy the great outdoors in warmth, safety and style! The reflective coat is designed with a Velcro opening at front, for easy dressing and detailed with a reflective stripe for added safety. Only at PetSmart. Also it’s a little longer in the belly part so it covers more.

Diva looks great in pink and I know she will be nice and warm on those cold days we will soon have. And because of where I live the winds really pick up speed because of the three buildings when its windy it’s windy and you know when it’s cold and windy it ain’t pretty.

I love my baby girl


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