Mr Dump Truck


So this afternoon I went for a coffee with this guy. We originally spoke off of Badoo like last year. Then he sent me a message through Facebook messenger. He’s tall, gots tattoos, a belly that I never saw online, older like 45 and we spoke over the phone last night. To be honest with all of you I did not feel that there was any real chemistry over the phone and felt he was lacking personality. But whatever we spoke about doing coffee this week and this afternoon we went for one.


I threw on some skinny jeans, some brown boots, my Favorite pink top and my jean jacket. And yes I even have a pink and purple sparkly brooch. Did my makeup all pretty and threw in a few soft curls into my hair. I took the above photo before stepping out.

He picked me up from my building and went to a local coffee shop near my place. As soon as I got into his truck my vibes were telling me this won’t be going any further. Just a feeling I got instantly. Anywho as we were standing outside talking we were just not meshing though he was way into me. I thought he was reading my vibes because my vibes were saying ( As If, said by Cher Horowitz from the movie Clueless) He got close and put his arms around me for a hug. I was really not feeling him.

Then as we were hugging he tried to kiss me. I was like um no I don’t think so and he tried again and I was like um no this is just coffee and getting to know each other. Major turn off. Then the hug was done and he went on to say I’d like to see you again maybe do a movie and dinner and I’m like yea sure. Not!.

He ended up driving me back to my place and I got out close the door and he drove off. After returning to my apartment I decided to write him a text and this is what I said.

(Hey, thanks again for the drink, but I just don’t feel that there is any chemistry between us as well no sexual attraction on my part towards you. Hope you find the right person for you. Take care)

So yea that was not overly exciting or fun in the least but hey you win some you lose some. After I sent him a text I put on my comfy clothing and got my dog dressed and took her for a nice long walk since it’s really nice here today, the day was not totally wasted haha.

Over & Out


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