Oh how I love Petsmart. When I moved into my apartment there was one opening up and I’m so glad because I love this store for a few reasons. One reason is I am with in walking distance of it which comes in handy because when I take Diva to get groomed. I dropped her off and then went home and when I went to pick her up I just had to walk her home. I also buy her food from this store. And they carry the brand I like. She eats Blue Buffalo for Senior small dogs.

My main reason for this post is because when I was online last week I was looking to see how much an anal gland cleaning would cost, and while I was on the site I noticed they have a bunch of walk in services. And anal gland cleaning was one of them. It costs $10US – $12Canada. Which I think is great because I will typical wash and condition Diva my self. But I’m not the best at cleaning her glands tho I have done it.

The other walk in services they offer are. Info taken from their site.

Drop off your dog while you shop ~ no appointment needed

Walk-in Service
A convenient service to smooth out rough nails & clean the ears

Walk-in Service
Nail Trim
Prevents painful splaying & splitting of the nails

Walk-in Service
Nail Grind
Grinding smoothes out rough edges on your dog’s nails to reduce scratches

Walk-in Service
Nail Trim & Ear Flushing
Trim nails & clean the ears to prevent infections

Walk-in Service
Puppy Nail Trim or Grind
Smoothes out rough edges to reduce scratches (through 5 months old)

Walk-in Service
Teeth Brushing & Breath Freshener
Cleans teeth & freshens breath for a healthier smile

Walk-in Service
Sanitary Trim
Trim & clean soiled fur to reduce matting & odor

Walk-in Service
Anal Gland Cleaning
Helps prevent symptoms associated with anal gland irritation

Walk-in Service
Ear Cleaning or Ear Flushing
Reduces build-ups to help prevent infections

Walk-in Service
Puppy Ear Cleaning, Hair Removal & Flushing
Helps minimize build-ups & prevent infections (through 5 months old)

Walk-in Service
Face Trim
Cleans up the face for a fresh look

Walk-in Service
GNC Pets® Nose & Pad Cream
Help soften your dog’s rough nose & paw pads

I think Petsmart is a great store and they always have pretty much what I want when I go there. And honestly I could spend a crap load of money there. So many cute stuff for dogs as well cats and everything in between, all of Divas things such as her clothing and harness has come from Petsmart. So yeah what can I say I’m a Petsmart Fan.

Happy Shopping


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