New Eyeglasses Oh My

So I’m pretty sure I hate eyeglasses shopping. I went with my mom last week and put a pair of frames on hold. I went in today by my self and was there for a good hour before deciding. Taking photos and sending them off to my mom before deciding by my self which ones I went with.

These are the ones I had on hold.

There are tiny nose pads in between. Which I honestly really dislike.


Then I found these same as above but in rose gold which you would think I would like but the nose pads I just can’t do. So they were a pass as well.


These next ones are just crazy colored and not my style at all.


These purple ones I liked but again did not fully speak to me


This pair was very cool and I really liked the cat eye effect but the main Color on the front was boring and I just found them not to be all that complimentary. All the color was on the arms 😦


Then there was these black frames.

The inside color was like a zebra which I liked but again did not speak to me.


There was also this cyristal pair but the shape was all wrong


But then these frames spoke to me and I kept going to them.


There a purple on the inside.

There a little cat eyeish which I love.


They remind me of my very first frames like the shape of them sorta, old frames on the right.

image image

So the frames I went with are the ones right above, you know when you keep going to them and keep trying them on that there yours. I also got the coating of transitions so when I go out into the sunlight they will turn into sunglasses too. And you might as well have fun frames if they turn into sunglasses.

I love the shape of them and the color is really quite pretty, I’m drawn to deep plums and purples, the inside says bordeaux all I know is I’m drawn to them and they spoke to me above all the other styles and Colors.

I’ll still have my other frames as backups. But from my last checkup, my left eye has gotten a little worse and my right eye has gotten better which is strange but true.

Oh also not related overly to above but I went running for the bus to come home and I tripped over a speed bump while running in a parking lot and I went flying landing on my wrists and knees. Possibly sprained my left wrist. I’ve got it wrapped in a bandage. And I’ve got my legs up and will be putting on a cold bean bag for the swelling. Thankfully nothing is broken and I’m not all bloody. FYI look where your big old feet are going when running to catch a bus lmao. I’m okay though other wise.

P.S. If you wear glasses do you like buying new frames or do you find it annoying as much as I do? Comment below.

Over & Out


6 thoughts on “New Eyeglasses Oh My

  1. nice decision!! i’m sorry you got injured i hope u feel better!! that’s why i never run for the bus at school also cuz it’d be super embarrassing since there are people everywhere who would have seen me lol i don’t buy new frames often so i enjoy it cuz it’s such a rarity 🙂

    1. Most frames come in arm length of 125 or 135 which is good for most people but on me its to short and I need 140 and most fab cute styles don’t come in 140. So I’m limited to what I can get in store. I think next time tho I’ll find a pair online and then see if they can just order them in lol. Because it sucks when you find some but they don’t come in the length you need. I’m gonna go to the doctor and make sure everything is fine. I’m limping today, knees are swollen. Yea 😉

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