Transitions Eyewear Review

imageSo since wearing glasses the one thing I have come to realize is getting sunglasses seriously sucks. You can by clip-ons to go over your eyeglasses which I have had and work okay if you have the right shape. If you don’t have the right shape you are screwed. You can also buy Prescription sunglasses. But that is a pain having to switch your glasses every time you go out in the sun. You have to remove your normal glasses just to put on the sunglasses.

This past summer I just went to Payless bought a pretty cheap pair and called it a day. But I hardly wore them. Mainly got them for the frames lol and the size of them. Now last month I went and got my eyes checked. And I needed a new pair of glasses. Turns out my right eye has gotten better and my left eye is a little worse than it was lol. Moving on my folks being the amazing people they are paid for me to get two coatings on my new glasses, the first one I have had before I think its anti glare or something and the second one is transitions.

If you go to the website you can do a 360 virtual trial which is pretty cool. And they change dependingimage on the light you are in. They also block 100% of the UV rays which is amazing. So now I no longer have to squint when I’m outside which will save my wrinkles that I kept making every time the sun hit my face. Nothing more annoying than squinting every time you are outside. I did not notice a huge difference when I left the store with my father this morning. But I have to say I really noticed when I took my dog for a walk this afternoon when the sun was out that they went super dark.

Just like sunglasses when they are dark, these transition to the perfect darkness. And then once your inside they go back to being normal glasses. It’s amazing what technology can do now. And with my lenses they are plastic just like my frames. Which I have to say I’m in love with these new frames. I have my other glasses as backups of course.

If you have tried Transition lenses comment below.


2 thoughts on “Transitions Eyewear Review

  1. Back in the 80’s when they first came out with transitions lenses they were awful! They never transitioned fully back to clear and you ended up looking like an idiot walking around with sunglasses on indoors. That’s why so many people still refuse to try them. But I did have a pair with transition lenses a few years ago and really liked it – I just haven’t bothered lately since it is an added expense and my glasses are already pricey. Also, if I am outdoors taking pictures it’s actually harder with sunglasses to see the LCD screen and know how I’m doing, so I’m not sure I’d get them now. I do have clip ons but you are right, I never bother with them! Yours look great though!

    1. Thanks well mine I’m loving because they do go back to clear, and they have different levels I guess for more active people and they even make them for non prescription people lol.

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