Fall Is Here


So it’s fall here in Canada’s Capital, the leaves are changing and it’s my first fall in my apartment. The photo above I wish was clearer but I took it from my apartment. One thing I love is being so high up. I also cropped the photo so it looks better and I zoomed in on it.


Even though I’m not a fan of the cold at all. I do like the fact of wearing cute hats and scarves. Also the changing color of the leaves is also nice too. November is right around the corner and I have to say which might sound bad but I’m not really looking forward to my birthday it’s in 24 days lands on the day after Remembrance Day, November 12 is my bday. It’s not even another year older that I really care about it’s that lately my birthdays have sucked.


This year my family and I are combining my brother and I’s birthdays and going for dinner. He’s the 19th of November so that dinner I’m looking forward to. But the day it self is most likely going to suck. Maybe next year I’ll celebrate a summer month and say it’s my birthday and go out and have a good time. For some reason the older you get birthdays are not as fun as they are when you are younger. And because my birthday is landing on a Thursday this year I’ll more than likely make some popcorn get comfy and watch Greys Anatomy & How To Get Away With Murder on CTV and then go to bed.

Moving on: today I got together with one of my good friends. We went and voted since that is what is happening in Canada. Then we went to Petsmart and I bought Diva another sweater it’s not super cute or pink like her others but its fleece lined and warm and that’s all that matters it’s a hoody it’s grey and it has a pocket in a blue bone pattern and the inside of he hood is the same color as the pocket. We also went to the dollar store and picked up a few things. Then went to Tim Hortons and got some hot beverages and came back to my place and hung out for a little bit.

Diva and I went for a walk this afternoon and we passed by this tree with a lot of pretty red leaves on the ground. I really wanted a photo of Diva sitting  surrounded with the pretty colored leaves but she was giving me a hard time not wanting to look pretty. Typically she will perk up her ears if I say Chihuahua for some reason but this time it was not working when I said it so instead I said the word (cookie) and she perked her ears up. Sadly I did not have one for her with me. Yeah yeah I know I’m a huge meany lol.


But I was able to take the photo and it turned out great. She’s also wearing her new sweater in the photo but the pink you see is her t-shirt under it. The great thing about the grey sweater is I got it on sale. And it’s longer in the tummy area which is great so it covers more. I never thought I’d be one of those pet parents that dress their dog but oh well, here I am and I love it. And she does not overly mind heck she’s got fur loss people!.

So yeah the only good thing about fall is the changing of the colours on the leaves and dressing cute with hats and scarves and gloves and cute coats and jeans. Other wise I can do with out the cold. And the –  minus cold weather.

What do you like about fall?


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