Forget dating


I’ve decided to not be so focused on dating and focus on more friendship and having an open mind. Less letdown and I’m hoping less bullshit. On that note I know most of the men online are looking to get laid and though I don’t see a huge problem with that. For my self personally I’d rather have one person I causally play with then multiple play partners. Even though I don’t love the idea of a play partner. I am still human and I do have needs just like everyone else. And thankfully I have some one who I have played with before safely of course. That I know I’ll have a good time with. I’ve known this person for I think two years now.

Personally my view on fwb, god I hate that term so I’m re calling it play partners is feelings can get in the way and more often than not someone falls foreither person. But I’ve given up at the moment on finding a boyfriend and I have an itch that needs to be scratched. And I know this person can itch it for me haha. Of course I have changed my dating profile to include looking for friends but open to dating. So I’ve decided to keep an open mind but it’s not my main focus anymore.

I think sometimes when you focus on something too much and when it does not workout you get let down. Well if you’re not thinking of it then you can’t get let down and then you don’t get stressed out. And the less apps or websites you are on the less likely you will get your hopes up and the less you will get let down and the less stress and bs you have to deal with.

Also just a heads up those apps I down loaded for the list of 10 I’m only on one now from that list. In fact I joined or tried to join them all in a matter of a few days and instantly was turned off we’ll all but one so that says a lot right there lol. My energy will not be spent getting let down by idiots online. And a funny thing that really tall guy I was to meet a few weeks back. I sent him a message last night on the one app I’m on. I basicaly said its to bad we never met it would have been fun to of slept together, yes I was in the mood haha. Oh well your loss. His stupid ass message back says oh we got new work phones and I lost every contact we got them last week. Oh well shit happens. What a bunch of bs. See even guys try to come up with stupid excuses. It’s like we were to of met more then a week ago.

Again less bs if you don’t have high hopes with guys online. The less you look for the better. So on that note I doubt I’ll have much in the line of dating stories but ill always update the dating section if anything changes.

Date and play safe


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