Forget Online Dating Sorta

In the typical sense of less focus on landing a boyfriend right away and focus on creating friendships and letting the cards fall how they will fall. This of course will be super hard for me to do because I’m such a planner and suffer from ocd and like things to take quick steps. But if it’s not working then you need to change tactics. I also need to realize that the majority of people out there are not looking to date and in fact just want to either openly date multiple people at a time or have a few bed buddies.

I need to focus on building friendships with people and have a more go with the flow attitude. And I think once I can just flow with things there will be less let down and I’m really hoping for less bullshit as well. I’m also keeping an open mind because I think one should have that. But I’m no longer going to stress over if a guy texts me back or gets back to me when I think they should. And have a don’t care so much approach. I think then things will just flow a lot better and I’ll have more fun with the online dating world.

Over & Out


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