STD Testing


As a responsible sexual adult one should always go and get tested. Regardless if you use condoms. Now because I have ocd I like to get tested even when I’m not sexually active. Some might think I’m paranoid and yes I am to a fault but I like to know all is well with my temple. There are walk in clinics that you can go to if you don’t want to go to your family doctor. You should also not feel shameful about going to get tested. If you can have sex then you can go and get tested.

When I fell a week ago I went to the doctors to get my knees checked out and though I did not see my regular doctor that was there I did ask the doctor I was seeing when my last std testing was done and she had told me it was last November. I thought well I’m due to get tested and asked to get the paper work to bring to the lab to get the tests done. She had asked me what all I wanted done and I said I want a full STD check, basically check for everything.

Then that following Friday I went to the lab. They took blood as well a urin sample and off it went. Just this morning the doctors office called and told me my tests were negative which of course is amazing news to hear. And I’m not surprised of it being negative because it typically is and I also play safely. I think it also helps that I don’t sleep around and am paranoid of catching things. I’d rather date someone then have sex with multiple partners. Or if I do give it up then it’s to very select people and safely.

With online apps and websites and basically going though these this like “hmm what’s on the menu today lets see”. Sex is easy to come by but my question is how many of those people on these things go and get tested?. When they are having sex with all those people do they find time to get tested at all?.

Also just because someone says they are clean and till you see the results with your own eyes and the test has been done recently one does not fully know, if you decide to have unprotected sex with your partner that is between you and your partner and you are taking a huge risk. To be honest with you though safe sex feels the same way to me anyways. And with technology these days condoms have come a long way just saying.

Your body is your temple respect it.



2 thoughts on “STD Testing

  1. Yep, my only deal is when I do get tested I pay extra for the super-fast results. The last thing I want to do is wait to get my results back on something like that! LOL

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