To All My Readers

A friend of mine called me in a panic about my latest poem worried that I was going to end things. I want to make something very clear. I think the best poetry comes from a dark side. And yes as of lately I have been feeling a touch lonely but please don’t take my latest poem as a cry for help because it is not. I wrote to get my feelings out and I believe my best work is when Im not super chipper. 

Also side note some of my best poems have come from listening to a song that I was feeling. And the song that I was listening to at that moment was Adeles Hello. Just made me feel like writing how I have been feeling as of late. It will pass as it always does and it’s just natural for us humans get down from time to time. 

Also ive come way to far in my life to just up and end things. There is more to my life to live and people to meet and places to go and amazing things to experience. So not to worry I’m okay. Really!.

Thanks for caring I appreciate it.


3 thoughts on “To All My Readers

  1. Nice friend to be concerned indeed, Lana! Unfortunately, it seems that these are how things are online. Some are really at the brink and others have a hidden positive side. Perhaps, it is good to have a redemption or qualification always, to prevent miscomm or someone at the brink from reading and tipping over. 🙂

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