I Can Smell A Fake

So last week I’m on Tinder and I swiped right to this good-looking guy he had three photos posted one of him his motor bike and his dog. The bio was pretty good saying he’s looking for dating and that he hates games and blah blah blah I thought oh good-looking guy totally into me awesome. We talk on tinder and then exchange numbers. But when I ask him another face photo he sends me two dick pics with his head cutoff. One had no head and the other it was from his bottom lip.

I said look I want to see your face not your dick. Him being italian he’s like I have a high sex drive and blah blah blah. We even spoke over the phone and I had asked him a few more times to send me a face photo he’s like I will I will. Again no face pic. I looked at the one photo and his bottom lip did not match up with his profile photo. And his profile pic he was more tanned skin and the dick pic guy was way more pale. Almost like he took the pic from online.

Again I asked for a face photo because I wanna know who the hell I’m talking to. And with technology and camera phones how hard is it to take ?. He sends me another photo and again no clear shot of his face because again it was a dick pic. Never once did I ask for such a photo and when did your dick become your face? Anyways it was a shot from below looking up. So that was sorta my last straw. He calls me out of the blue Friday afternoon at first I thought it was someone else. He tells me will you be home in an hour I’m like yea probably he’s like I’ll call you back in an hour maybe we can do something. I’m like ya sure (not) I honestly have not been chasing these guys and so when he of course doesn’t call I don’t text. And then Saturday morning comes and he’s sends me a text really early saying good morning beautiful. I had responded but got nothing back. So later on that day it comes and goes and no word from this dude so I go onto tinder and unmatch him. Which makes him disappear from my matches.

I wake this morning to a text saying why did you unmatch me. Well for starters I’ve asked multiple times for a face photo which you seem to not want to send me and you can’t call people back when you say you will and honestly I’m not into playing games which you are and so that is why I unmatched your ass buddy. Okay so when I sent him that text there was no ass in it. But here it sounds better. I then blocked him and wrote a note saying to never unblock him and left him in my phone lol.

There are a lot of fake ass people online and you really need to watch out for them. There are signs for sure. If photos don’t match up or they always have an excuse on why they can’t send you clear face pics there is something up for sure.

One of the excuses he fed me was oh I don’t have any photos on my work phone I need to drive back to the shop and get my personal phone when I do that I’ll turn it on and send you a face photo right away. Then when I asked him the next day about oh so much for sending me the pics eh and he’s like oh my phone I looked and there was nothing on it. I also asked him to take a selfie and his excuse that time was every time I take a photo my face comes out blurry. But when you take a body shot of your dick that comes out clear, yea that makes a shit load of sense. I also said try taking a mirror selfie and again another excuse.

Honestly it’s not really a huge bother to me because it’s online and there are a lot of fake people on the net which does make it hard to meet genuine people. Infact I’ve had people ask me if I was real because there are some people they pose as trans people on these apps. Which slays me like why would anyone say they are trans when they aren’t but whatever I guess it takes all kinds right?. Anywho again I’m still not chasing guys and I like that way more now. It’s like if a guy texts me cool if not no skin off my back.

So be safe and be cautious with online dating websites and or apps, if it smells fishy it probably is.


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