600 Queen Of Hearts


So the drug store near my house seems to be having a sale on Revlon Gel Envy nail polishes so while I was out today I picked up another color it’s a very dark red. My plan is to get all the colors that I would wear or want to wear on either my fingers or toes and have many colors to choose from. I really like the shine that the diamond coat gives and I also really like how the color has a base coat built into it.

I honestly thought this was more of a burgundy color and not a dark red but oh well now that I have it on its growing on me. I put two coats of it on because it needs it. They also had black but tho I have seen others online wear black I’m not sure I can do it.

Though for Halloween you could do something creative I’m sure with black and red or whatever. I want to try other nail colors that I would not normally try out. Because really I love pastel pinks and glitter polishes and bright pink. But come fall and winter those colors don’t look so great lol.



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